WhatsYourPrice.com – Service for Meeting Singles

WhatsYourPrice.com – Service for Meeting Singles

WhatsYourPrice.com is a sugar dating site that pays women like us to go on a date. Its platform has more women compared to men, which makes it harder for a Sugar Baby to find her Sugar Daddy, but is supposedly easier for a Sugar Daddy to find a suitable Sugar Baby.  Unlike many sugar dating sites, WhatsYourPrice has options for people to find each other for casual dating, friendship, or long-term dating without the SD/SB mutually beneficial arrangement, so not every man’s profile on this site is expecting to have to be a rich man or is prepared to take care of a Sugar Baby appropriately, so my review of WhatsYourPrice gets 2.5 Stars.

WhatsYourPrice.com: Signing Up and Creating a Profile

It’s no hassle to begin to sign up on this site. When I got to the WhatsYourPrice.com site, I readily saw the shortcut form, where it’s easy to sign up for free.  The first step is for a young Sugar Baby to fill out her profile.  Like any other online dating service, signing up, as well as, describing my details is quite easy, if a bit repetitive, as it asks for some information multiple times. When setting up a sugar dating profile, it is best to add as much information as much as possible, while not including anything too personal. Sugar Babies can add a bio, personal details and location. Signing up and adding the important details is pretty easy and did not take much of my time. The design of the site is easy to navigate, and I don’t need to add any odd or unnecessary information. Then it is authenticated with a photo that is approved by the site. After that, you can search through the Sugar Daddy profiles of other users of the site. For rich Sugar Daddies searching for a sweet Sugar Baby, they have the option of bidding an amount that they’re willing to pay to date me. Sugar Babies, on the other hand, can also set the price that they are looking for from their potential Sugar Daddy. All members can reject or accept the price or can even counter it with a new bid. Once the bidding price is finally accepted, you can set up the time for a date or a meeting.  As the Sugar Baby, you can place a minimum rate for a meeting or date. Ultimately, after a meeting or a date, they don’t have to pay further, unless you decide to continue passed the first date. 

Subscription Prices and Membership Features

WhatsYourPrice seems to be free for women and comes with a series of various features. Some of them that make this site popular are listed below:

  • Checking significant details – When I’ve chosen to make a profile on a sugar dating service, I enjoy features like checking who has viewed my profile and the ones who favorite my profile. It can make the search easier when one can see who’s interested already, but might be too shy to make first contact.  Or maybe it’s a Sugar Daddy who hasn’t decided if he wants to pay for a membership, so making first contact might be enough for him to decide it’s worth it to pay to respond to a cute Sugar Babies advances.
  • Posting dating ads – The biggest thing that separates WhatsYourPrice from other online sugar dating services is that allows Sugar Babies to post ads. You can add your location and other details that let you find the right Sugar Daddy matches that can help get that perfect date. The notion of ads differs and allows me to look for dates that are very willing to go out with me. I can also post various ads and state my own criteria along with these. With these different ads, I can check out different Sugar Daddies who are interested in me, and I can pick the one who best matches my own sugar dating criteria.

Paying for the date – WhatsYourPrice.com is a novel sugar dating site wherein a Sugar Daddy, pays for all the dates up front. It is a different type of idea and not all Sugar Daddies prefer this because they will have to pay for the dates. The lowest offer for a date is just $5. There are various kinds of offers that you can list down. Bids are made using credits, and dates for less than $50, just needs 10 credits to open it. You can then bid for my cost and state the details appropriately.

Search Results

Searching is pretty standard, and Sugar Babies can filter to search for Sugar Daddies who meet certain criteria like distance, last logged in, photos, type of dating, age, height, smoking/drinking preferences, relationship status, kids, ethnicity, body type, and education.  Unfortunately, it only took a page or two before I ran into profiles that haven’t been on in a month or more.  Another complaint that I had is that there is no filtering for income and no income verification, of course.  And at least one profile that I found mentioned that he hadn’t paid for a membership, yet, and so couldn’t respond to messages.  Then what’s the point of being here?  Of course, a new member cannot message anyone until their profile has been approved, which can take a few days, which kind of hinders spontaneity or the option of finding a date for that night.

Conclusion of Review

WhatsYourPrice.com is a dating service that comes with clean and simple design, but it seems a little too simple.  There aren’t enough options for filtering, not enough active members, takes too long to set up, and doesn’t explain enough about how the process is supposed to work.  While it advertises setting up the amount a Sugar Baby wants for a date, there’s no immediate option for actually doing that.  From looking around at the site and options, it seems like a generic dating site that has thrown in a Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby option as an afterthought and is not focused on actually facilitating a mutually beneficial arrangement between a young woman and an older, rich man.  Since it’s not quite what I’m looking for in a sugar dating site, except for being free, nor is easy to use for regular dating, I’ve given my review of WhatsYourPrice 2.5 Stars.  It might be useful for someone who has struck out on OKCupid or Tinder, but otherwise, it doesn’t seem worth the time.  But don’t be discouraged!  I have more sites to review and have already had luck on a couple of other sugar dating sites.  Browse around my blog for more reviews and advice on the sugar dating world.

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Real Members




      Quality of Members


        Active Members


          Trustworthiness of site



            • Unique sugar baby ads
            • Get paid for your date


            • not focused on long-term relationships
            • Seems like pay for play
            • not many quality members

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