My Top Five Tips to Becoming a Successful Sugar Baby

So, you’ve decided to be a Sugar Baby, but you’re not sure how to proceed?  Or maybe you’re considering being a Sugar Baby, but want to know more about it?  Well, you’ve come to the right place!  I am happy to be your guide into the world of sugar dating.  Sugar dating refers to a mutually beneficial arrangement between, usually, a wealthy, older man referred to as a Sugar Daddy and a young, attractive woman, referred to as a Sugar Baby.  In Internet and text-speech, you’ll often see it referred to as SD/SB relationships or arrangements.  While it’s usually assumed that the relationship is built around sex and sometimes it is, this is not always case, and Sugar Babies are not the same as a prostitute or an escort.  In fact, most legitimate sugar dating sites, forbid users from advertising themselves as either of these.  A SD/SB relationship is much more than that with both parties benefiting from the relationship for its duration.

Becoming a successful Sugar Baby means more than just having a pretty face and expensive tastes, and today, I’m going to cover 5 tips for being a great Sugar Baby.

  1. Decide who you want to be and stick to it.
    While it might seem like a good idea to try and be flexible, to be anything for anyone that comes along, you will lose your credibility if you do not present yourself as genuine.  Most Sugar Daddies are incredibly wealthy older men, who’ve been around and seen it all.  They can tell when someone is badly faking who they are and will not be impressed by it.  Whatever type of Sugar Baby you might be, bold or shy, blonde or brunette, fiery vixen or modest girl-next-door, there’s someone looking for it.  It’s best to decide who the best you is and stick with that persona as you create your online Sugar Baby profile and image.  For example, if you do decide to present yourself as modest and wholesome, you shouldn’t show up to your first date with a prospective Sugar Daddy in dagger stiletto heels, mini skirt, crop top, and diva make-up.
  1. Be patient.
    It might be tempting to take the first offer that you receive from a potential Sugar Daddy that you get out of fear that you might get another one. Or you might think you’re willing to take less than you’re worth just so you don’t seem too greedy or simply because it seems like the most convenient way to go.  And you certainly don’t want to come across as entitled or desperate, but just like regular dating, sugar dating requires that you find a Sugar Daddy that not only meets your needs, but is someone that you can satisfy, too.  If it’s going to be a chore for you to spend time with a particular gentleman, he’s going to pick up on it before long, and then you’ll be without a benefactor real quick.  It’s better to take your time and find a truly compatible Sugar Daddy, so that you aren’t wasting your time and his.

  1. Be honest from the beginning.
    The biggest benefit to sugar dating for a wealthy older man is that it is easy, efficient, and convenient.  If he was interested in dancing around what a woman wanted, he wouldn’t be looking for a Sugar Baby.  This is especially true of wealthy older men who are very successful and very busy businessmen and entrepreneurs, whose success is driven by efficiency.  These types of eligible Sugar Daddies don’t have the time or the inclination to play guessing games trying to figure out what his pretty Sugar Baby wants.  Like any other good business arrangement, the expectations should be put out there right from the beginning, so everyone in the relationship knows where they stand with the other person.
  1. Be specific about your needs and what you’re offering.
    Once you find a Sugar Daddy that seems to have everything that you’re looking for, is willing to accommodate your needs, and has needs that you are willing and able to fill, you should outline the terms of your mutually beneficial arrangement.  In some cases, there may be other issues to consider, such as how to initiate contact with your Sugar Daddy and if you should, when and where you meet, and the length of the relationship.  Some other things to work out might be what your compensation will be, how often will you be compensated, and if gifts are expected. You might, also, want to consider if there are things that might be grounds for termination of the relationship. For the Sugar Baby this might include late allowance payments, partial payments, or unusual requests, while for the Sugar Daddy it might include too many last-minute cancellations, non-exclusivity, or outrageous demands that border on greedy.
  1. Don’t be a slacker.
    It’s common that after an extended period of time during normal dating that a couple becomes comfortable enough to get lazy about things that they used to put more care into such as personal grooming, attire, conditions of their bedroom/bathroom, and blowing off texts, calls, or emails, instead of responding quickly.  A Sugar Daddy, though, has made an investment in his Sugar Baby, which can be terminated at any time, if he feels you aren’t living up to the expectations that were agreed upon or came to be expected.  If you’ve set yourself up as a fiery vixen, you can’t open the door in a sloppy t-shirt and sweatpants with messy hair.   However, you should be understanding if he becomes comfortable enough to relax in your presence, and you can follow his cues on whether it’s okay for you to dress down.  But never nag him about his appearance or responses to calls, texts, or emails, unless there’s an issue with your compensation.

If you follow these considerations and other safe dating practices, you should be able to successfully navigate the sugar bowl, and find one or even more Sugar Daddies to provide for your needs.  Hopefully, these tips have helped you to think about your expectations and needs in a SD/SB relationship, if you have more questions, come back as I expand on these tips to help you be a successful Sugar Baby.

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