A Tale Of Two Sugar Babies

When the subject of sugar babies comes up, we commonly think of certain types of women that are ideally suited to being a sugar baby. You’ve probably heard statements such as these before: “Of course she would have a sugar daddy–she’s just the type!” or “I’m not surprised that a girl like that has a sugar daddy!” You may have even uttered these or similar sentiments yourself.

Different strokes

But it may surprise you to know that sugar babies actually comprise a diverse array of women, many with little in common with each other apart from being sugar babies. And as our in-depth conversations with several sugar babies bear out, many of them can even be polar opposites of each other.

Such is the case with Mindy and Dawn (not their real names), both of who are as radically different from each other as any two women can be. In fact, if it weren’t for the fact that the two are sugar babies, you would probably think that they wouldn’t have anything to talk about.

Not your typical sugar babies

We actually talked to more than two sugar babies in the course of researching this article. But it was Mindy and Dawn that really made a strong impression on us. Not just because of their differences, but also for their seeming acceptance–and even unbridled passion–for the sugar dating lifestyle. Of all the women we interviewed, it was these two that embodied the spirit of the modern-day sugar baby: proud, confident, independent, and totally at ease with their lifestyle choice. If you had the impression of sugar babies as cowed and helpless damsels in distress, you would likely have a rethink upon meeting these two!

Nevertheless, as mentioned previously, Mindy and Dawn are about as different as any two sugar babies can be. Read on to get to know them a bit better and to find out what makes them tick.

Mindy, the girl next door

Mindy is a fresh-faced and charming honey blond with a pleasant disposition and a bubbly personality. Hardly what anyone would think of as the archetypical sugar baby, she has an easygoing manner and a warm and friendly nature that invites people to get close to her.

And close to her they have gotten. As innocent and as wholesome as Mindy may seem, she is actually one of the most experienced sugar babies we have come across. Having just turned 28 (she looks a lot younger than her age in reality), she has already had six sugar dating relationships since she turned twenty. Although she was quick to mention that her first few relationships were little more than flings, the last two–and the current one in particular–have been seriously legit sugar dating relationships.

“I’ve been with Frank (her current sugar daddy) for over two years now,” she said. “That’s pretty long as far as sugar dating relationships go, and I imagine that we will be together for a bit longer. Things are going amazingly well between us, and I don’t see any reason why I will have to move on to another relationship in the foreseeable future.”

How did she get started with sugar dating?

“I was just 19 when I heard about sugar dating. I had a friend my age who was already a sugar baby at the time, and I was kind of interested in the idea of having a sugar daddy,” she said. “I did feel I was a bit too young for that kind of thing, but I felt that I was ready for it when I turned twenty. It was then that I went on a short-lived arrangement with my first sugar daddy, and soon I was deep into the lifestyle.”

Any plans for the future? Or is sugar dating it?

“The thing is, life doesn’t necessarily end when you become a sugar baby,” Mindy said. “I still have plans for the future, and Frank has thankfully been supportive of my career goals. While I do plan to go on being a sugar baby indefinitely, I am equally focused on achieving the goals I have laid out for myself.”

Dawn, the sugar baby extraordinaire

In many ways, Dawn could be said to be the archetypical sugar baby…or at least, she fits the image to a “tee”. A stunningly beautiful and statuesque brunette with a big smile and a breathtaking figure, Dawn has an easy manner common among women that are attractive and know it.

And she definitely does. “Not to be conceited or anything, but I am aware that I am a fairly attractive woman in the ‘typical’ sense,” said Dawn. “Men and boys have been giving me the eye since I was in my teens, and I have to admit that I have always flaunted what I had.”

“As I got into my late teens” Dawn continued, “I realized that I could take advantage of my looks to work my way through life. A friend introduced me to the idea of being a sugar baby, and I was hooked!”

After a first encounter with a married man ended in disaster (his wife found out and caused a scene), Dawn decided that there would be no more liaisons with married men.

“It’s kind of hard to avoid married men in the sugar dating scene,” Dawn said. “A lot of men drawn to this type of thing are after all looking for a sugar baby to get them away from an unhappy relationship at home. But I don’t want to have to go through that unpleasant scene ever again, and the idea of being the cause of someone else’s breakup is unacceptable to me.”

Dawn is 27 now and is currently in between relationships. “I am currently in the ‘getting-to-know-you’ stage with a new sugar daddy,” she said, “and things seem to be heading in the right direction.”

Like Mindy, Dawn seems totally comfortable in her role as sugar baby. “I have no qualms about being a sugar baby” Dawn said, “and apart from a few stodgy older relatives, I don’t care who knows it. While I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I am proud of what I am, I certainly am not ashamed of being a sugar baby!”

There you have it: two sugar babies, each with a unique take and an interesting story to tell. After reading their stories, what do you think about women that chose to live the life of a sugar baby? Do let us know!

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