Sugar Slang Primer

As soon as you began researching the sugar dating world, you no doubt discovered that it practically requires learning a new language to understand all of the slang, terms, abbreviations, and acronyms associated with various aspects of sugar dating.  You’ll find many of these used on sugar dating websites, forums, online communities, and blogs.  Many of them can be found in email, messaging, and text conversations between Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies.   I’ve collected as many of these as I could think of and find through my own research to help you make sense of all of them all.  By understanding all of these terms you can learn who is to be avoided and what are the signs of a bad arrangement.

Sugar Dating Acronyms and Abbreviations

SR:  Sugar Relationship

SD:  Sugar Daddy

SM:  Sugar Mommy

SB:  Sugar Baby

SD/SB:  Another reference to sugar dating (Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby)

SB/SD:  Sugar Baby/Sugar Daddy relationship

D/s:  Dominant and Submissive, refers to a specific relationship dynamic in which one party has authority over the other, sometimes only in the bedroom.

POT:  Literally stands for potential and can refer to either a potential Sugar Daddy or Sugar Mommy or a Sugar Baby.

NSA:  No Strings Attached – a relationship without any commitments or any intended commitments to be expected, required, or suggested by any party of the relationship.

FWB:  Friends with Benefits – A relationship where two parties consider themselves platonic friends, with no romantic attachments or status, but who engage in casual sex from time to time.

PPM:  Pay-Per-Meet, sometimes used in the beginning of an arrangement when meeting on a regular basis has not, yet, been established or is not possible but allows for everyone to benefit from the meetings or dates.

STA:  Short Term Arrangement, a mutually beneficial arrangement of short duration between a SD/SM and a SB, usually of 6 months or less.

LTA:  Long Term Arrangement, a mutually beneficial arrangement between a SD/SM and a SB that is of a longer, more significant duration, usually of longer than 6 months, whether it was intended or not from the start of the relationship or arrangement.

LBD:  Little Black Dress, typically refers to a dress or outfit that makes a Sugar Baby feel particularly attractive and confident.  While often literally black, it may be of any color, in theory.

Sugar Dating Terms and Phrases

Sugar Relationship:  A mutually beneficial arrangement usually between a Sugar Daddy and a Sugar Baby, whereby one party provides financial security and the other party provides stimulating companionship and other attractions.

Sugar Baby:  Typically an attractive, young woman seeking a wealthy protector, but may, also, refer to a young man seeking a gay SD/SB relationship.

Sugar Daddy:  Generally, a wealthy older man willing to provide for an attractive, young woman in exchange for her companionship, time, and attention.

Sugar Mommy:  A wealthy older woman willing to provide for a younger man.

Sugar Honey:  A wealthy young woman who provides for a companion.

Sugar Bear:  A wealthy young man who provides

Sugar Pup:  Sometimes used to describe a male Sugar Baby, whether in a same-sex or heterosexual arrangement.

Sugar Bowl:  The world of sugar dating, likened to a bowl full of sweet sugar.

Budget:  How much money a Sugar Baby needs to make an arrangement beneficial for her.

Big Daddy:  A significantly wealthy Sugar Daddy who has no limits to what he can provide his Sugar Baby.

Splenda Daddy/Mommy:  A wannabe Sugar Daddy/Mommy who doesn’t actually have sufficient funds to be a real Sugar Daddy/Mommy.  They might be able afford a few expensive dinner dates or gifts, but they would not be able to provide a significant monthly allowance or to take on any bills on a Sugar Baby’s behalf.  They might be fun for a STA or occasional outings, but are not capable of sustaining a LTA.

Salt Daddy/Mommy:  A fake SD/SM who is either lying about their wealth hoping to attract someone for a quick fling or someone who has the fortune to spend on a SB but does not follow through on their promises after receiving what they have asked for from a Sugar Baby.

Salty:  Used to describe an individual who is unhappy with their arrangement or experiences in the sugar dating world.  Can, also, be used synonymously with Salt Daddy/Mommy.

Angel Baby:  a particularly beautiful, elegant, and cultured Sugar Baby who has made being a Sugar Baby a career and has high expectations and high requirements to maintain the lifestyle.

Tuition Baby:  A Sugar Baby looking for help paying for her educational expenses.

Arrangement:  Refers to the formalized agreement between a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Mommy and a Sugar Baby stating what each will bring to the relationship.

Hookup:  Refers to a meeting only for sex, typically requested by people who do not intend to form an Arrangement and do not understand what true sugar dating means.

Road Sugar:  Refers to a Sugar Daddy who seeks a Sugar Baby or Sugar Babies that he visits while away from home and usually requires significant discretion.

Sugar on the Side:  A Sugar Baby to a married or otherwise attached Sugar Daddy who is looking for a discreet companion.

Allowance:  A sum of money given to the Sugar Baby on a regular basis usually monthly or weekly.

Freestyle:  Looking for a SD/SM outside of online sugar dating websites, such as by frequenting places where rich older men can be found or attending events that draw wealthy older men.

As pop culture grows and changes, these terms may, too, change, but this list should at least get you started understanding how the sugar dating world works and the appropriate terms used for those in it.  In addition understanding these terms will save you time and trouble having to ask others for an explanation.  The sugar dating world can be a competitive one and any small advantage or disadvantage can make the difference between early success and failure or at least to prolonging your search.

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