– Not as good as it claims – Not as good as it claims

Today, we are going to discuss the site At first it seemed like a great site for meeting my perfect Sugar Daddy.  It even says so in the name, right?  It looks nice and reads well.  However, after using it, I began to see that it was not as discriminating as advertised, and on top of that, they kept wanting more and more money.  I’m looking for a Sugar Daddy to take care of me and my bills, not add to them!  I give a Two Star rating!  Read on for more details on my awful experience with this site. Signing up and Creating a Profile

Sugar Baby sign up with Sugar Daddy Meet was really easy, and this is the only good thing about the site. You just need an email address, or you can opt to use your Facebook account to sign up, which I declined to do.  Next it walks you through creating a profile with the standard stuff like age, height, location, and the option to add a profile pic and a profile heading to help your Sugar Baby profile stand out.

Next is the typical introductory paragraph.  They advise you to describe your personal characteristics and interests.  Following this is a box for you to post what you’re looking for in a match. Once you click on the “last step” button, it goes to your profile, with a banner with an upgrade now button, which offers “Full access to 30+ premium features” with price options for one month ($50), three months ($90), and six months ($144).  

My Personal Experience

On the side of the profile page for Sugar Daddy Meet are a list of Sugar Daddy suggestions that “you might like,” which was my first heads up that this site might not be all it’s supposed to be.  This list of profiles included pictures of unattractive men, who bore no resemblance whatsoever to my expectations of successful wealthy men.  Some of them didn’t even manage to center their faces on the picture, so half of them were just the brim of a baseball cap (can you say, eww?) or a forehead.  And a couple of the suggested profiles weren’t even men but other women’s Sugar Baby profiles!  I’m sure you can imagine my disappointment.

After experiencing this shock, I decided to look into how the Sugar Daddy Meet website was really run.  According to their own privacy policy, Sugar Daddy Meet is just one of a series of “affiliated” websites.  What does that mean?  It means that Sugar Daddy Meet is owned by another website,, which runs a network of affiliated dating sites, not all of which they even own!  

To quote directly from the privacy policy, “Although the Member database is owned and maintained by, most of the websites within the Network are not owned or operated by”  I was like, what??  What this means is that your Sugar Baby profile information is posted to this entire network of sites, which they claim is to help you find more matches.  In reality, it means your profile information is passed to sites that may or may not be as discriminating in their verification process as the site you’re allegedly signing up to use.  Ugh, I did not need more questionable matches to sort through.  I wanted one simple site that would lead me to my one perfect Sugar Daddy match!  

Privacy Policy

The more I looked into their so-called privacy policy, the more questions I had.  The privacy policy claims that these other affiliate sites are just landing pages that lead to their main site, Sugar Daddy Meet.  Only it just said that the site is owned by another site, so how is it the main site?  Furthermore, the privacy policy goes on to say, “Websites other than Affiliates should have their own privacy policy if they are collecting Personal Information about you. encourages you to review non-Affiliate websites’ privacy policies and reminds you that is not responsible for non-Affiliate websites’ actions or the actions of others to whom you provide your username, profile, or other Personal Information.”  Hold up, now!  What does “other than Affiliates” mean?  What are these sites?  And why would they have my information?  While the privacy policy provides a supposedly current list of their affiliated (but remember these are mostly not owned or operated by the main site), who is to say it is in fact a complete list?  You can find this list here:  I’m keeping tabs on this list so that I know what other Sugar Baby websites to avoid!

On top of this mess with all these extra websites that I did not know about from the beginning, Sugar Daddy Meet has all these extra fees that I did not expect, either.  Now I understand that a successful, wealthy Sugar Daddy is more than likely a busy man, I don’t have the time to waste waiting for a response from a prospective match.  Especially, when there’s no guarantee that the profile is even an active profile.  

As a matter of fact, Sugar Daddy Meet charges Sugar Babies an extra fee to check for when the profile was last active!  It’s outrageous.  That really adds up when you’re trying to figure out if a profile is worth bothering to contact or not.  I’m looking for a Sugar Daddy to take care of me, why would this site think that means I want to spend my own money?  It is hard enough to find an attractive and interesting man on this site, let alone having to pay to verify his profile is active.  

You’d think they’d have some way to check for inactive profiles and remove them from search options.  Who wants to waste time with inactive Sugar Daddy profiles?

As you can clearly see, I was not pleased with my experience with Sugar Daddy Meet at all.  The ease of set up is the only thing that saved them from getting only a one star rating, in my opinion. Their questionable privacy policy, unverified network of websites, extra fees, and lackluster list of men, makes Sugar Daddy Meet, and its affiliates, a website to avoid.  

I guess I should have known it was too good to be true.  At least now I can share my experiences with other Sugar Babies, so you can avoid these really bad websites!

Thanks for reading and check back soon for another review!

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