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Today I took a look at the “World’s Largest Sugar Daddy Dating Site” to review It is one of the oldest sugar dating sites and claims to have over 4 million members with more Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies signing up every day.  However, it is hard to say whether all of those Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby profiles are active or even real accounts.  My Sugar Daddy for Me review gives it 3 stars for having loads of potential, but it requires an expensive membership subscription and has odd extra fees. Read on for more details on my experience with this website for mutually beneficial arrangements. Signing up and Creating a Profile

Signing up for a Sugar Baby profile with Sugar Daddy for Me was a bit of a long process.  This surprised me since most sugar dating sites elect to have a quick sign up to get people started. First they ask some necessary questions like whether you’re a sugar baby (woman or man), sugar daddy, sugar mama or several other options, including if you’re looking for an extramarital affair. Then they ask for other general information such as your location, age, and general features, but it also asks for your income range, which is an odd question to ask a Sugar Baby to provide. I understand asking Sugar Daddies to provide their income range, but why would they ask that of a Sugar Baby?  I’m looking for a rich man to date, so I don’t have to worry about having an income for myself.  I’m looking for a Sugar Daddy to provide me with a generous monthly allowance.  Moving on there’s the ubiquitous account upgrade page for a monthly subscription.

Subscription Prices

While most sugar dating sites have some kind of upgrade for accounts, Sugar Daddy for Me has more than one type, plus another odd add-on for a price that I’ll get to in a moment.  There are two types of premium accounts, silver and gold.  Silver memberships are $29.95* a month, and Gold memberships are $34.95* a month.  The * refers to an additional $5.95 administration fee charged to all monthly memberships, so really, Sugar Babies are looking at paying $35.90 for their Silver membership or $40.90 a month for the Gold membership, which is a bit steep.  

Silver Membership Features

  • Unlimited photos
  • Sending and receiving e-mails
  • Limited e-mail storage
  • E-mails stored for two months
  • Chat/Instant messenger
  • No messenger history

Gold Membership Features

  • Silver membership features
  • Unlimited e-mail storage
  • Messenger history
  • Profile highlighting
  • Fast profile approval
  • Top placement in searches
  • Smart match detection e-mails

Now in addition to the membership subscription, there’s an additional fee for what Sugar Daddy for Me calls Total Access.  This means for an additional $14.95 a month, “Total Access allows non-paying members to contact you and reply to your emails!”  They want a Sugar Baby to pay for non membership paying Sugar Daddies to contact and respond to her.  This is just crazy.  If a Sugar Daddy can’t pay the site fees, what else can’t he pay for?

You cannot even get onto the site without selecting a membership option and providing credit card information.  Even if you elect to try the Gold membership free for three days, they still require you to submit credit card information, so they can bill you as a courtesy after the trial period is over.  This made me nervous, so before committing to it, I did some Googling to see other people’s experiences with the site.  Every review comments on the site refusing to cancel memberships before the first month has been charged, so I declined to activate a Sugar Baby profile at this time. I decided that I wanted to do a little more research into reviews for Sugar Daddy for Me before I committed to a monthly subscription that was so high.

Internal Search Results

While I did not activate a Sugar Baby profile, with enough digging around, a determined Sugar Baby can still do a search for profiles.  Many of the potential Sugar Daddies seemed very attractive and very upfront about what they are looking for in a Sugar Baby.  As a young Sugar Baby looking for an attractive rich older man to date, I found several that looked like likely candidates.  The Sugar Daddy profiles looked to be active, at least according to the posted tracker.  Many other reviews of the site claim that there are many ghost profiles, fake profiles, and scammers.  Including repeat scammers who target young Sugar Babies by promising to put money on a prepaid card that the Sugar Baby has to purchase or claiming to be in a Siberian military and requesting the Sugar Baby send $500 to another guy in the U.S. to set up an account to receive money from the so called Sugar Daddy.  Most of the good reviews came from happy Sugar Daddies who found a great mutually beneficial match. Many of these happy rich Sugar Daddies seemed genuinely confused by all the other bad ratings because they had such a good experience finding an attractive Sugar Baby.  It seems clear that the site does work, but that there’s a lot of work to sort through the bad to find the good, at least on the part of the ambitious Sugar Baby.  

Conclusion of Review

My review of the mutually beneficial dating site Sugar Daddy for Me is a midline 3 stars.  The sugar dating website has a lot of great looking and active Sugar Daddy profiles, and a quick Google search will find many couples who were able to use it to enter into a mutually beneficial dating relationship, especially rich older men who were looking to date attractive young Sugar Babies.  However, on the downside, the customer support services are lacking and the site is rather expensive what with wanting a monthly membership fee for any use of the site, a bizarre total access fee, plus some kind of an admin fee.  Asking subscribers to pay for non-subscribers to have access is a really odd thing to do, and something I’ve not seen on any other sugar dating site.  Some of the reviews suggest that there have been some policy changes in the last couple years that have brought the site problems.  It’s hard to argue with success, though, so it might be worth taking a chance on it.  If you’re not sure, check out my next review to see if I’ve found any better dating sites for attractive young women looking to date rich older men.

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