Step 7: Weeding Out the Rejects

As you might already know, not every Sugar Daddy is going to be your match. At times, your personalities merely do not fit or your needs or schedules are just not compatible. In some cases, the reason is that you end up finding something that disqualifies him after your research. Perhaps one of the reasons is that he does not have enough income, he lies about his position or company, he lies about his real relationship status or worse, he has some kind of criminal history. You have to be prepared to say “No” and mean it. You also have to protect yourself should a Sugar Daddy not want to take it seriously, which is entirely possible.

Aside from the reasons mentioned above, below are a couple of reasons that you may weed out some Sugar Daddies:

  • Geographically undesirable reasons. Although they might have enough money to be where you are often, dating rich and older men who come from a far away place can be of disadvantage to you. It can be more difficult to schedule meetings and having reschedule a meeting can be not only complicated but costly.  The difficulties may cause things to turn sour, and you will be on the losing end very quickly.
  • Just a sweet talker. Some Sugar Daddies are sweet talkers, and you should certainly not ever trust sweet talkers. Although you might just want to have some fun for a moment, a date or two, you certainly do not wish to be lied to when the time comes to make an arrangement. Usually, their words do not match with their actions. Who knows what other things he sweetened on the top just to get you?  Always keep yourself safe no matter what.

On the other hand, some Sugar Daddies cannot understand why you reject them.  They may have never been rejected before now.  Or perhaps they can’t believe that their money isn’t enough to buy your interest, no matter what other deficiencies of appearance or character they might have. In which case, they might not take you seriously when you decline a date or a meeting. With this possible issue in mind, here are a few tips on how to weed out those who don’t make the cut:

  • Be honest. If you wish to reject some Sugar Daddies, it will be best if you are honest from the start why you do not wish to continue getting to know each other better. You can tell them the truth whatever the reason you may have found out about him being disqualified to become your Sugar Daddy. Honesty is the best virtue after all.
  • Do not waste time. If the Sugar Daddy is still relentlessly pursuing you after you rejected him, you can tell him not to waste his time on you in a kind fashion. This might work to make him back off. Certainly no one wishes to have their time wasted – even though he might have much money to waste on you.
  • Cross out novelty seekers. Some Sugar Daddies are novelty seekers. Even though as a single, young woman you might wish to have new experiences and thrills and have fun on a date, it’s not a good idea to indulge a Sugar Daddy not committed to a mutually beneficial arrangement with a Sugar Baby. You must know that these kind of rich men get easily and quickly bored, so it’s in your best interests to stay away from them. So you must weed them out and ensure that they take no for an answer.  You have to tell him this in a direct and straightforward manner. You can explain to him that in the end, it is going to be a wearying experience for the both of you. In other words, a relationship between the two of you is not going to work out.
  • Do not engage in fruitless conversations. When you start to weed out rich, older men who are still very interested in you, you should not engage in any further conversations with them. Even though they might relentlessly send you messages or emails or even texts, you can just ignore these or delete each without reading them. After some time, they will eventually give up and leave you in peace.
  • Report them and block their numbers. Most sugar dating sites have an easy way for you to report any Sugar Daddies who are behaving inappropriately.  If you do this the site administrators will take action against him on your behalf.  In addition to that if they are texting you, then you can use your phone’s settings to block their calls and messages, although they may still be able to leave a voicemail.  In extreme circumstances, you can contact your phone service provider to arrange for a direct block of their number.

In extreme cases, a rejected Sugar Daddy might refuse utterly to be dismissed.  If you have any reason to believe that a persistent Sugar Daddy has become a danger to you, there are legal steps that you can take to eliminate the threat.  If you have kept records of his harassment of you and any threats to your safety, you can file a report with the police and obtain a protective order that will make it illegal for him to contact you or come near you.

It is not always easy to reject a potential Sugar Daddy.  Despite your misgivings, he may have some qualities that you like.  You should remember your goals for a mutually beneficial arrangement, and if a particular gentleman is not capable of helping you reach those goals, then you must not continue the relationship.  If you are going to find the best Sugar Daddy for your needs, you must be strict in your requirements and pursue them relentlessly.  Even when it isn’t always easy.  However, if you stick to your goals then you are sure to find just the right Sugar Daddy to make all of your dreams come true.

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