Step 2: Selecting Sugar Dating Sites and Creating a Profile

There are so many sugar dating sites, but not all of them are built the same. Some are 100% free for Sugar Babies and some charge a fee for all users. Check for sugar dating site reviews and go with your own instincts if a site feels legitimate or unsafe. It’s, also, a good idea to use multiple sites, especially if you find some of the better free sugar dating sites.

Most Sugar Daddies will stick to one site, since they must pay for it, but there are always more Sugar Babies than Sugar Daddies. It’s in your best interests to have multiple ways of being found. You’ll need to create a profile on each site, and it’s best to have basically the same profile on each site. It is important to look out for the safety and privacy of a dating site before registering. Many of the sugar dating sites provide excellent privacy settings.

You’ll want to decide how you want to present yourself, and you’ll want to include little details and touches that show that you are special and unique. Look for other Sugar Baby profiles and learn from their mistakes and wins. Keep it short but interesting, so that he wants to know more.

As a Sugar Baby you need to be persistent on the hunt. It’s recommended to make your first profile on one of the most popular sugar dating websites, such as Secret Benefits. Look for sites that look professional and not cheesy or tacky.  You should, also, avoid sites with nudity or mentions of keywords like sex, hook-ups, or getting laid.  These sites are not meant for mutually beneficial arrangements and should be avoided.

Sugar Daddy sites are a meeting ground for Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies. Most sites allow Sugar Babies to access them for free, while men are required make a monthly paid subscription. Both Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies have to fill in some screening information and then set up their profiles with information to tell a little about their interests and what they are looking for in a match. Sugar Daddies are, usually, required to provide information related to their wealth, and Sugar Babies, often, have to provide information about the monthly allowance they wish to receive.

You will be asked initially to provide information related to your physical appearance, age, location, interests, education; and so on.  You should be honest when answering these questions.  It won’t do to claim to be thinner than you are really are or that you love cars, if it isn’t true.  This will come out in your first meeting or soon after, so it’s best to just be honest from the start. Sugar Daddies on the site might not have the time or interest to go through long profiles. For this reason, it is recommended to make a short but significant profile. You should clearly set your expectations on the profile, too.

Among the common features to be seen in a good sugar dating website are: the possibility to perform quick searches with a single click, the possibility to access a favorite list or a VIP list, and to find out who has put you in their favorites list. A few of the best sites, also, offer messaging options and access to photo galleries and secret photo galleries. In addition to the basic search, you should, also, get access to advanced search features.

The benefits of registering on a top Sugar Daddy site for dating are many. You can find a mentor, get a date to pay for college, or even fall in love. Before you start browsing profiles, you have to decide on the type of arrangement you are looking for. You also need to create an attractive profile that can catch the attention of a potential Sugar Daddy.

Choosing your profile pictures and gallery pictures is important.  It is best to choose pictures where you are well dressed. If you want to add sexy photos make them private or secret and only give access to those only to users you are starting to know well and feel you can trust. You should take a few full body pictures and some from several angles. Keep them up to date, so there will be no surprise when you are meeting someone from the site on a first date.

On specialized dating sites, a Sugar Daddy has the possibility to make a search based on various criteria filled in on the Sugar Babies’ profiles. Among those search filters are included geographical location, age, weight, height, hair color, eyes color, race, hobbies, drinker, smoker, and so on.  You will want to tailor your profile for attracting the type of Sugar Daddy that you are hoping to find.

Sugar Daddies can also filter their searches for profiles based on the amount of financial assistance requested, whether there are photos present, etc. When you select a sugar dating site and create a profile, you have to determine your boundaries, too. For instance, you may not feel comfortable meeting a man over 50 or one who is married.  You can state some of these preferences somewhere on your profile, so that you can avoid being approached by Sugar Daddies that aren’t a match for your interests.

Remember when you’re creating your profile that you are creating an image of yourself that you will have to carry out into the real world.  You want to be sure that you can live up to the standards that you set for yourself.  It is better to be genuine about who you are, but there are somethings that you may want to keep to yourself.  Everyone has bad habits, but a Sugar Baby is expected to present herself as being above that when in the company of her Sugar Daddy.

Once your profile is complete, you should log onto the site regularly to check messages and to be available for chats.  Also, most sites keep track of when you were last on and will display that information in search results.  This is of benefit to you, too, since you’ll be able to see how long it has been since a particular Sugar Daddy has been on, too.

With your profile set up on multiple sugar dating sites, you’ll want to make sure you follow Step 3: Be Organized to keep track of who you meet.

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