Step 8: Preparing for the First Date

If you have gotten passed the stage of sifting through your selection of rich older men and have decided on the first one you would like to meet, it’s time to go forward with your first date.  First be sure that you’ve read all of the previous guides and have thoroughly researched your prospective Sugar Daddy and are sure that you are a match.  If all has gone well so far, then it is time for you two to meet in person.  Ideally, you will meet in a public place using separate transportation.  There are a few things that you should consider when preparing for your first meeting.

On your first date, as a single, young woman, you should plan for a public meeting place.  This could be a casual meetup in a park or coffee shop or a more refined meeting at an exclusive and expensive lounge or restaurant.  It is okay to meet at a place of his choosing, but do a little research first to be sure that it is suitable.  You should have a few alternative suggestions in mind, just in case.  When selecting a place, consider whether he seems to be interested in a casual meeting or a more formal one.  You should, also, not be afraid of confessing that you do not like the place suggested.  For example, if he suggests a sushi bar but you have a shellfish allergy or just plain don’t like fish, you should mention it instead of agreeing and then being uncomfortable during the entire meal.  And it would show that you’re

You should, also, consider your transportation arrangements.  Your Sugar Baby may offer to pick you up, but this would be an unwise choice to accept.  No matter how pleasant he might have seemed so far, it is best, that you know allow a virtual stranger to know where you live without knowing him better and being sure he can be trusted.  There’s, also, the possibility of the date not going well, in which case you would be reliant on him to return you home safely.  If you don’t have your own car, you could have a friend drop you off and remain in the area or take an Uber or Lyft.  However you decide to arrive, make sure that you are on time.  Punctuality is important for Sugar Babies as busy Sugar Daddies don’t appreciate wasting their time waiting.

Once you’ve decided where to meet, you should dress appropriately.  Keep in mind the type of Sugar Baby that you have presented yourself as and be sure to dress to match that image.  You will, of course, want to look your best.  However, do not go overboard and end up looking fake, either.  You might, also, consider that you are willing to put time and expense into looking your best all the time and not just for this date.

Just in case it’s not obvious, we’ll discuss some suggestions every Sugar Baby should follow.

Be clean and confident.  They say that cleanliness is next to godliness, and it will help your confidence levels.  It’s easy to miss some part of your toilette when nervous or excited, so consider creating a checklist so that you don’t miss anything.  It may look something like this:

  • Shower
  • Shave
  • Deodorant
  • Brush Your Teeth
  • Mouthwash
  • Moisturize
  • Make-up
  • Setting Spray
  • Perfume

Next you should consider your attire.  It can’t be stressed enough that you should not look fake for your date.  While it’s important, you should not obsess over your clothing, shoes, or accessories, too much.  Just consider the type of Sugar Baby you want to be seen as and dress appropriately.  Don’t dress in a way that doesn’t match that persona.  It’s important that you be seen as genuine.

As you’re getting ready, you’ll want to be thinking about conversation topics to keep your Sugar Daddy entertained.  First dates all have the potential for a few awkward silences.  You should have some questions prepared for him to keep the conversation going.  Some topics you might consider are his family, hobbies, work, travels, and religious views, if that’s important to you.  This responsibility falls to you.  It is important to be seen as a cultured and poised Sugar Baby.   While most Sugar Babies cultivate conversation skills, you should think of small ways to make your conversational skills stand out.

Don’t be afraid to give yourself a pep talk, too, especially if you’ve happened to have a bad day before the date.  But you can’t take any of that baggage with you to the date.  Keep in mind the goals that you wish to achieve as a Sugar Baby.  Remind yourself of the things you want and what you’re looking for in a Sugar Daddy.  Go over and over how you’re going to act and the person that you want to be.  Stay positive and take that energy with you on your date.

Aside from things that you should do, there are several things that you should not do, as well.  Doing the wrong thing on your first date can end your chances of making a good match quickly.

Do not over imbibe.  While a cocktail or two can loosen tense nerves and promote a relaxed and fun atmosphere, you should know your limits.  It would be highly embarrassing to be drunk at your first meeting.  You should, also, keep an eye on his drinking, so that you are not stuck with a Sugar Daddy who cannot control his liquor.

Don’t keep your cell phone out and make sure that it is on silent.  You want to show that you can focus your full attention on him.  An ill-timed ringtone or repeat message tone can be distracting and annoying.  Your Sugar Daddy might need to keep his phone out to keep tabs on business arrangements or other important, personal matters.  A Sugar Baby should be understanding about this.  But your Sugar Daddy doesn’t have to be so understanding about your inattention.

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