Step 9: Making an Official Arrangement

If after a few dates, things seem to be going well, then it is time to create an official arrangement between you and your Sugar Daddy. Your arrangement should outline and detail the mutual arrangement that you have decided will be mutually beneficial for you both.  This agreement should be for the benefit of both the Sugar Baby and the Sugar Daddy, and something that you have been prepared to talk about as you’ve come to know each other better.  Each party needs to play its role to ensure the relationship remains stable and sustainable for as long as reasonably possible or as long as you’ve agreed upon.

The Sugar Daddy’s Role

The Sugar Daddy needs to play his role of ensuring he meets his financial obligations to you, as this is the main reason most Sugar Babies seek this kind of arrangement. The agreement made should outline these facts and expectations, clearly, so there is a solid recourse in the event the relationship is threatened with a break up. Remember that even though the law may be silent on this kind of relationship, the terms and conditions that dictate it demand that there is a mutual trust between the partners involved, so each party can be cushioned in the event of a separation.

In addition to being a financial benefactor, a Sugar Daddy might agree to be a mentor in general business or in a particular career field.  He may agree to fund a start up for you, in which case, you would need to enter into an actual legal, business contract, in addition to your private, mutually beneficial arrangement, so that you retain control of said start up.  It would be in his best interests, as well, to ensure his contribution, role, and liability are appropriate.

The Sugar Baby’s Role

Just like the man in the relationship, the Sugar Baby, also, needs to ensure that she not only expresses her intentions to meet her end of the bargain, but also that such a commitment is possible for her. You should never enter into an arrangement with requirements that you find distasteful, illegal, or dangerous.  A Sugar Daddy who pressures you to do anything dangerous or illegal is not to be trusted and should be avoided for your own safety, regardless of what he’s offering.

While sex and sensuality is often a component of SD/SB relationships, it is not, always, the case, especially in the case of rich older men, who may no longer possess the capability.  For these men, simply being in the company of a beautiful young woman or having her on his arm at social functions may be enough.  For others sex is easy to obtain, while class, culture, and intelligence may be harder to find.

Some Sugar Daddies are looking for someone that can meet their needs discreetly, but with no other strings attached, as in, they aren’t concerned whether or not they are the only one in your life.  It may be something along the lines of don’t ask, don’t tell.  However, there are many other Sugar Daddy types that believe if they are providing adequate compensation, part of what they are paying for is exclusivity, at least on your part, if not his.

How To Solemnize The Arrangement

Traditionally, most Sugar Daddy- Sugar Saby relationships are simply founded on trust and mutual understanding. However, for many such partners in these relationships, this was not sufficient. As the saying goes, to assume makes an ass of u and me.  Therefore, in a break from tradition, you could formalize your arrangement in a written document that very specifically outlines your agreement in plain black and white words, leaving no or at least less room for misunderstandings or assumptions.  While it is unlikely either of you would want to enter into a formal, legally binding contract, as there are grey areas of legality for what a Sugar Baby does and how she is compensated, it can still help to make sure you both are getting what you want and that you haven’t forgotten any details that might need to be worked out.

Some things you should consider discussing in your arrangement are:

  • If you’re getting a monthly allowance (and how much) or if he’s taking over certain, specific bills (tuition, rent, utilities, cell phone, car payment, etc.).
  • How often you will meet and if this is regularly scheduled or more on demand.
  • Where you will meet.
  • Methods of contact.
  • Whether or not gifts are expected.
  • If you are interested in taking trips, possibly for extended periods of time.
  • How much notice is necessary for a meeting or going on a trip.
  • If there will be society events to attend and if there will be an extra allowance for clothing and accessories for such events.

The number of young women looking for rich men is ever increasing and as such, we can only expect competition for Sugar Daddies to become stiffer. However, by learning a few smart tips, you could improve your chances of success with this kind of dating.  Make sure that you are not unreasonable in your requirements for the arrangement.  While it might be assumed that he contributes to you financially, asking for an outrageous sum of money, say $10,000 a month, regardless of his ability to fund it, will make you seem greedy and foolish.  Likewise, expecting too many expensive gifts, may make you seem shallow and grasping.  A Sugar Daddy might be looking for someone to spoil, but at his pleasure.  Whatever the details are on what he’s looking for, the bottom line is that he’s looking for someone to enjoy himself with, not someone who’s going to needy, nagging, or give him added stress.  You will have probably discerned what kind of person he is and what he really needs from your first few dates, so you should use that to your advantage to suggest ways for you both to get what you want out of the arrangement.  The more you can agree on from the start, the better your relationship is likely to be for the duration of your time together.

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