Step 4: Making First Contact and Crafting the Right Message

Whether you’re reaching out to a prospective new Sugar Daddy first or responding to a message from initiated by an interested Sugar Daddy, this is your best opportunity to show how you can stand out from the other Sugar Babies. Don’t just use a generic response. Look into his profile and show that you’ve paid attention to his style and interests and show a little of your personal style, too.  You’ll want to tailor each message individually for each  However, make sure that you’re, also, paying attention to grammar and good manners.

Online sugar dating doesn’t need to be a daunting and difficult thing. However, it is true that it’s no simple matter to be able to secure a Sugar Daddy. This task takes effort and time, being sometimes more complicated than just finding a traditional partner. One of the most common problems of Sugar Babies is how to correctly make the first contact with a potential Sugar Daddy, how to reach out and start a conversation.

An ideal Sugar Baby should come across as cultured, educated, and poised. If you don’t know the differences between your and you’re or their, there, and they’re, learn them now to save embarrassment later. Some rich Sugar Daddies claim to receive hundreds of emails a day from Sugar Babies and the smallest details can make your message stand out, for good or ill.  There are apps that you can get, like Grammarly, that can help ensure that your message is perfect.  However, your message must be more than just technically perfect.

First off, there are some things that are major turn offs and red flags for Sugar Daddies. Do not act entitled. Do not think make the mistake of stating your desire for fat allowances and shopping sprees in the first messages. The point of a sugar dating site is to find someone who can help you financially, so you don’t need to discuss it immediately. Sugar Daddies want and can help, but they are only willing to help Sugar Babies they respect and like. If you start demanding things before meeting someone in person, this may be the path to wasted time and unsuccessful arrangements.  You don’t want to be thought of as too greedy and grasping.  This may bring into question your discretion, integrity, and willingness to be loyal to your Sugar Daddy.

Before making the first contact with a prospective Sugar Daddy, it is important to actually pay attention when reading his profile. Try to make sure that he is really someone you would be interested in dating. Also ensure that you fit closely with what he’s looking for in a Sugar Baby. If he took the time to write one, there will be plenty of tips in his profile that can help you make the first contact and start with the perfect opener.

When you are sending the first message to a possible Sugar Daddy, there are several subtle tricks you could use. The best way to start a conversation is to catch his attention while not seeming desperate. You may start by asking a question. This way you will get him talking about himself and make him interested in speaking further with you. Everyone likes to talk about themselves, so you can ask something about his hobbies, his career, or his style that will quickly open a line of communication.

You may, also, try starting with a compliment. For example, you could say you like his outfit or the style of his outfit from his profile photo, or you may ask if he has tried out one of the golf courses near your home, if he has said on his profile that he enjoys an activity like golfing. There might be plenty of little secrets hidden in his profile. Using them can show that you cared enough to actually read his profile and pay attention.  Try to think of compliments that he may not have heard before now.  Think of things that speak to his personality and choices and not just his physical appearance.  He probably has people attempting to curry favor with him all the time.  You’ll want to be complimentary, but you do not want to come across as a suck up, either.  You must be seen as genuine in your affections with him.

You always want to keep him wanting more and leave the conversation on a high note, whether you’re messaging on the site, texting, or talking on the phone. If you just connected with the Sugar Daddy, it’s more likely that you aren’t going to go out on a date that night. Let him know that you will talk to him again tomorrow. In order to make him think about you until you do meet, you might consider sending him a cute picture. Photos are a key means of maintaining interest.  Just make sure that your photo is tasteful and interesting, but not crude or overtly sexual.  As with acting entitled, you want to avoid seeming to be too forward sexually, too.  Any woman can provide sexual favors, so you must be able to offer more than that.

Another good thing you can do when making a first contact with a wealthy, older man is to encourage a date idea. For instance, if he has on his profile a picture at a nice restaurant or mentions enjoying a specific kind of food, ask if he’s tried the menu at a certain trendy bistro. Then you can playfully suggest to him that he meet you there sometime soon. This is a great trick. By giving him a subtle command, you also give him a chance to easily ask you out. You’ll know instantly if he doesn’t feel the same way.

Regardless of what you say, make sure you keep the conversation light hearted and fun. Flirting will make them excited about the prospect of a date with you and to want to get to know you more. If you two end up vibing, you can discuss an allowance after having your first date.  If you secure his attention through your first messages, it will be time to consider how to keep his interests with your first date.

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