Step 10: Keeping your Sugar Daddy

Now that you are familiar with all the steps of how to find the right Sugar Daddy for you in details, we should take some time to discuss the ways of keeping your Sugar Daddy. If you think that finding one is hard, then now let’s just make peace with the fact that keeping one is ten times harder. All your time and effort made to find one can turn south in just one second. Many women who are new in this think that as soon as you enter into an agreement that is most definitely mutually beneficial, then they are safe and is minimum to zero chance of them being dumped by their respective Sugar Daddies. You will be surprised to know how many Sugar Babies are dumped every day because of something you might think to be quite negligible. So, this step will be dedicated to learning the most effective methods and ways of keeping the man you chose for yourself.

There are many different reasons why a Sugar Daddy might change his mind or things that can lead to the falling apart of the agreement and relationship. But, it will be best to not worry about the reasons, as every person and every agreement is different from one another. You will basically lose you mind in worrying, if you keep track of all the reasons and scenarios which may result in your Sugar Daddy leaving you. It’s better to focus on the things you can do to keep his favorable attentions.  And remember, sometimes, you can do everything right and still lose.  All you can do is control your actions.  And always remember to keep back some savings for just in case.

Stick to the Agreement

This should always be the first thing that you consider.  If there’s one sure way to lose a Sugar Daddy, it’s if you do not follow what was agreed on.  You need to always keep in mind all the terms and rules of the agreement. Even if you didn’t “officially” write down a formal agreement, you should still write down your obligations, so that you can reference them as needed.   If your circumstances change and your arrangement needs to be adjusted, talk to your Sugar Daddy about it right away instead of trying to hide it or work around it on your own.  If you do happen to make a mistake and violate a part of the agreement, you can try to fix it by doing something special.

Go Above and Beyond

All rich men frequently meet new people, especially women and girls of all ages, who are well aware of his income and worth. So, to make sure that he does not choose any one of them over you, behave according to the agreement and do not take anything for granted. You need to constantly work on the relationship and your dating game, so that you get want you want without any problem. You also need to understand that older men have less patience and time to deal with anything that does not in any way benefit them, or that they might find annoying or displeasing. Keep a note of all the things that your Sugar Daddy likes and try to do or incorporate them into your interactions more often. And, similarly, it’s not a bad idea to keep track of all the things which he hates or dislikes, so these things can be avoided, too.

Pay Attention to Details

Sometimes just simple things like a Sugar Baby showing up on time or early, dressing up, and paying attention to him tare all that is needed.  Over time you should be able to read your Sugar Daddy pretty easily.  You should learn the signs of when he’s had a particularly stressful day, week, etc.  If you know he’s had a lot going on, you could be prepared with his favorite comfort items, perhaps a particular drink or offer to do a massage.  Learn what he is likely to want when he’s in a good mood or feeling playful.  Learn what his favorite colors are on you or his favorite outfits and find more items in similar styles.  Learn what little things annoy him and try to avoid these, too.

Be Accommodating and Patient

We’ve talked a lot about how you should keep up with your part of the bargain and about how you should always be on time and available.  The same may not be possible for your Sugar Daddy.  A successful man is a busy man with many responsibilities.  You want him to be busy, because as long as he’s successful, he can afford to keep you in style.  As long as you are still being cared for, there’s no reason to make a fuss if he’s late or cancels or forgets minor details.  Even if you see him less often than you originally agreed upon, it’s not necessarily a bad thing, as it means more free time for you.

Juggling Multiple Sugar Daddies

Not every Sugar Daddy demands fidelity, especially, if he’s not able to see you frequently.  However, even the most accommodating would not appreciate it if you call him the wrong name or confuse his information with someone else.  Make sure you know exactly who you’re messaging, speaking with, or seeing at the time.  While you’re with any one particular Sugar Daddy, he should feel like he’s the only one.  Glance over your notes and try not to think about any of the other Sugar Daddies when you’re one-on-one with any particular one.  You should still do all the other things we discussed with each one.  It can be complicated, and you should be careful not to overbook yourself.

If you’ve read through all of my guides, you should be ready to tackle the world of sugar dating.  Of course, these guides are just meant to scratch the surface of what it’s like to be a Sugar Baby.  Each experience is going to be different with unique challenges and rewards.  Check back to the blog frequently for more tips, tricks, and advice for navigating this exciting world.

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