Sugar Daddy Dating Guide

Your 10 Step Guide to Becoming a Sugar Baby

So, you’ve heard about sugar dating, but aren’t sure how to get started or how it all really works?  We’ve all been there, and when I started being a Sugar Baby, there weren’t any really good sugar dating guides out there, so I decided to write my own!  I have come up with the 10 essential steps to becoming a successful young Sugar Baby.  Today, we’ll go over them briefly, but I’ll be covering each one in detail later.


Step 1: Decide What You Really Want and Need

This is a really important first step and will save you time and trouble down the road, if you take the time to outline these things now. There are several questions that you’ll want to consider and decide on the answers before you even start looking for a Sugar Daddy. You’ll want to consider what you need in your life, what you are willing to give, and what kind of Sugar Baby you want to be. These are just a few of the things you should consider and each one may lead to other things to consider. You’ll need to make a list prioritizing the answers you come up with.


Step 2: Selecting Sugar Dating Sites and Creating a Profile

There are tons and tons of sugar dating sites, but not all of them are the same. Some are 100% free for Sugar Babies and some charge a fee for all users. Check for sugar dating site reviews and go with your own instincts on if a site feels legitimate or unsafe. It’s, also, a good idea to use multiple sites, especially if you find some of the better free sugar dating sites. Most Sugar Daddies will stick to one site, since they must pay for it, but there are always more Sugar Babies than Sugar Daddies. It’s in your best interests to have multiple ways of being found.
You’ll need to create a profile on each site, and it’s best to have basically the same profile on each site. You’ll want to decide how you want to present yourself, and you’ll want to include little details and touches that show that you are special and unique. Look for other Sugar Baby profiles and learn from their mistakes and wins. Keep it short but interesting, so that he wants to know more.


Step 3: Be Organized

Maybe this one should even be Step Two, but organization is essential for being a successful Sugar Baby. While a Sugar Daddy may know, intellectually, that he’s probably not the only man you’re in contact with, it would be a serious faux pas to use the wrong name, an incorrect business or interest reference, or reference something from the wrong conversation thread. One of the best ways to go about this is to use a spreadsheet program. You’ll want to list each by name and then include pertinent details like age, physical features, business or industry, income, which sugar dating site he uses, and miscellaneous information that helps you remember his personality. This, also, helps you weed out bad Sugar Daddies, and it doesn’t hurt to keep a list of these, too. As you get further along, you’ll want to take notes on meetings and dates and how they went.


Step 4: Making First Contact and Crafting the Right Message

Whether you’re reaching out to a prospective new Sugar Daddy first or responding to a message from an interested Sugar Daddy, this is your next opportunity to show how you can stand out from the other Sugar Babies. Don’t just use a generic response. Look into his profile and show that you’ve paid attention to his style and interests and show a little of your personal style, too. However, make sure that you’re, also, paying attention to grammar and good manners. An ideal Sugar Baby will come across as cultured, educated, and poised. If you don’t know the differences between your and you’re or their, there, and they’re, learn them now to save embarrassment later. Some rich Sugar Daddies claim to receive hundreds of emails a day from Sugar Babies, and the smallest details can make your message stand out…. As a good one or a bad one.


Step 5: Second Contact: The Phone Call

So, you’ve been emailing and instant messaging with a particular Sugar Daddy, and you seem to have a connection. Before jumping into a face-to-face meeting, however, you should arrange to speak over the phone. Emails and even chats can be thought through and edited before sending, but a phone call will give you both a better idea about each other’s real personality. In some cases, the phone call can let you know that you’re not as good of a connection as you thought, and it’s better to know that now before going through the fuss of a first date and then having it be awkward.


Step 6: Research, Research, Research

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to research your prospective Sugar Daddy before you ever agree to meet. Men lie about so many things (and women for that matter), but for her own safety a young Sugar Baby needs to verify who he is, what he does, his income, and sad to say but necessary, if he has a criminal history. You’ll want to verify as much information as you can about a potential Sugar Daddy before you ever meet him. If you come up with discrepancies in his story that indicate he may be lying about something important, don’t be afraid to confront him about it. In the sugar dating world there are a few phrases to describe Sugar Daddies who don’t live up to expectations such as Splenda Daddy or Salt Daddy.


Step 7: Weeding Out the Rejects

Unfortunately, not every Sugar Daddy is going to be a match. Sometimes, your personalities just don’t fit or your schedules or other needs are incompatible. In other cases, it’s because you find something in your research that disqualifies him, such as not having enough income, lying about his company or position in the company, being untruthful about his relationship status, or has some kind of criminal record. You should be prepared to say no and mean it. You should, also, know how to protect yourself should a Sugar Daddy who does not take no seriously.


Step 8: Preparing for the First Date

Once you’ve found a Sugar Daddy that meets your needs, has been thoroughly researched, and chats and phone calls have all gone well, it’s time to meet in person. Remember they type of person you’ve presented yourself as and dress to match. You’ll want to look your best, but don’t go overboard and look fake. You’ll, also, want to consider if you’re willing to put the expense and time into looking this way all the time. Also, never meet somewhere too private for the first meeting, like say his home. Your first meeting should take place somewhere public, like a restaurant or park. It’s best if you meet him there, too, so that you don’t have to give out your home information, yet. You should, also, have your own transportation options, just in case you need to be able to leave without relying on his assistance. If you do decide to take the chance of allowing him to pick you up, have a backup option ready, like having an Uber or Lyft account.


Step 9: Making an Official Arrangement

If all goes well after a meeting or two, it’ll be time to decide on your mutually beneficial arrangement. A real Sugar Daddy will understand that you need assurances up front that you will be well compensated for your time and attention. You’ll also want to assure him that you’ll follow through on your end of the bargain, too.


Step 10: Keeping your Sugar Daddy

After you’ve entered into your mutually beneficial arrangement with your rich Sugar Daddy, there’s always the chance of it falling apart. This could happen for any number of reasons, and you should always have a backup plan ready. Aside from the unexpected happening, you should never get too comfortable with your arrangement. Make sure you’re always on time, dressed well, and living up to your end of the agreement, so that you don’t give your Sugar Daddy reason to find someone else.
If you follow through on all these steps, you should enjoy sugar dating with a rich older man for many, many years. Perhaps with the right man, you might even go from Sugar Baby to wife, but you should never push for that.