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Today I’m giving an inside look at the sugar dating site In my review, I give them 2 stars.  While there are some potentials to the site, my overall impressions were not very favorable, and I think it would be difficult to really find a great Sugar Daddie on this site.  Check out my review of Sugar Daddie and see what you think. Sign Up and Profile Creation

Sugar Baby sign up with is pretty easy, if time consuming.  After selecting whether you’re a Sugar Daddie or a Sugar Babe, you select whether you’re looking for strictly a Sugar Daddy relationship or whether you’re open to other options, though, it doesn’t specify what those other options might be.  Next it asks you for basic information including a physical description, age, education, and smoking and drinking preferences.  Next it asks Sugar Babes to fill out some about me boxes and asks you to select a minimum of 3 hobbies from their list.  At the top of this page it states, “Make this bit as good as you can. Our approval team will review it afterwards.”  I found this intriguing and wondered if they really meant that someone reviews each Sugar Babe or Sugar Daddie profile.  Once you’ve completed your profile, you’ll need to verify your email address to activate your Sugar Babe profile.   Once you’ve clicked on the verification link in your email, you’re offered a code for 15% off of a premium membership that is good for 24 hours.  If you decline to sign up for a premium membership at this time, a ticker is posted at the top of your page to let you know how long is left on this offer.

Once you get to the main part of the site, you’ll find a series of pictures of potential Sugar Daddies, but no other information provided.  

Search Features

Running a search with the sugar dating site, Sugar Daddie, is pretty easy and includes the basic search options: location, age, some physical descriptions, and ethnicity.  Your search results come up with pictures and usernames, but no other information to give you a hint at what the potential Sugar Daddy is like.  I found this to be extremely frustrating.  To find out any information, you have to go to each and every Sugar Daddie that came up on your search which can be in the hundreds or thousands.  If they aren’t going to provide any hints about the profile, I think there should be more filters available for running a Sugar Daddie search, but even then, having to spend so much time checking profiles for even basic information is going to take much more time that I want to spend looking at Sugar Daddie profiles that I’m not even remotely interested in after a brief look.  If I’d seen their headline or a snippet of some of these guys’ pages, I’d have never checked them out at all.  

And, of course, in order to contact anyone that you find on this site, you’ll have to upgrade to a premium membership.

Subscription Prices

The sugar bowl dating site Sugar Daddie has one premium membership with different prices that vary by how many months you pay for at one time: one month is $25.99, three months is $49.99, six months is $89.99, and one year is $149.99.  Unlike most subscription sites that only take online payments, Sugar Daddie allows you to pay by phone or even regular mail.  In addition, Sugar Daddie provides a phone number for direct customer service rather than only by online contact.

There’s no list of what a premium membership gives you.  All it says is, “Read and send messages to other members.  Full access to all features.” However, from exploring this sugar dating site I can extrapolate a few of the features offered for a premium membership fee, including:

  • Sending messages
  • Instant messaging
  • Uploading more than 12 pictures
  • Posting in the forums

Quality Score

A unique feature of the Sugar Daddie site is what they call a quality score, which is supposed to improve your chances of finding a perfect match.  A Sugar Baby’s quality score is determined by her activity in eight categories on their site: photos, emails, logins, forum posts, hobbies, favorites, meet my match, and searches.  The idea is that the more activity that you have in each category, the more successful a Sugar Baby should be in finding a rich older man for a mutually beneficial relationship.  Each category has a goal for your activity, such as having 5 or more pictures, 4-16 searches a week, 6-20 forum posts per week, and having 15 to 100 members favorited.  Of course, in order to meet their forum goal or email goal of 6-18 emails a week, you have to have a premium membership.

The most unusual ranking area is for what they call Meet my Match.  Basically, you click on it, and the system pulls up a random Sugar Daddie match from your search list and you have to decide based on just the photo, username, age, and location if they are a yes or no.  If you select yes, they will inform the man that you are interested.  I can’t say that I see the point of it, when you can’t even access the person’s profile page while on this screen.

All in all, I think the quality score is silly, but it at least gives a Sugar Baby an idea of how busy she’s been on the site.  Obviously, the more you’re on the site trying to make contacts, the more likely you are to find your perfect Sugar Daddie match.  

Conclusion of Review

In conclusion, while I think that there’s a ton of potential in the features of the site, some of them are redundant, like the “meet my match” section.  Most importantly, the lack of even basic profile information coming up in the search results makes this sugar dating site a hassle to use, and there’s very few really hot older men for dating on this site.  Trying to find personality in all the ugly and poorly done profile pictures is a waste of time.  A Sugar Baby would be better off on an easier to use site if she really wants to find a mutually beneficial arrangement with a wealthy older man. While I’m wading through bad profiles here, I could be finding my perfect match somewhere else in much less time.  Fear not though, for I have indeed found better sites, so come back soon and see what I’ve found next.

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