Sugar Baby Safety on the First Date

Of course, you’ll want to look your best for your first date, but there’s more to think about than just your attire, makeup, and mani/pedi.  You want your first date to go smoothly and safely.  You should have some things in place to be prepared for any scenario.

Of course, you should have thoroughly researched and vetted your POT Sugar Daddy with a background check, Google research, and social media exploring before ever agreeing to a meeting or first date.  And you should have been on the lookout for any red flags, irregularities, or just odd, gut feelings about him.

First Contact Impressions

Before your first date, it’s a good idea to exchange pictures and/or do a video chat.  If a Sugar Daddy has offered to send money in exchange for photos, request at least half up front.  This is common in all kinds of business transactions, especially freelance work, so it should be acceptable.  If he balks at that, he may be new to the sugar dating world or not really serious about creating a mutually beneficial arrangement.  Likewise, if payment has been offered for the date, he should pay half up front.  You should, of course, refund a payment (or at least offer to) should the date need to be canceled for any reason.  If you’ve received half the agreed upon sum for a date, but not the other half or if he delays unreasonably in sending you the other half, I would be leary of pursuing an arrangement with the wealthy older man.  It’s not a good way for him to establish trust.

Location, Precautions, and Transportation

Your first date with a new Sugar Daddy should never, ever take place somewhere private, like a hotel room or residence and especially not your own place.  Nor should you agree to meet somewhere public but secluded, like a park in a questionable neighborhood or infrequently visited part of town or a large park with too many areas far from the usual foot traffic.

Once you’ve arranged for your first date, you should share the details with a trusted friend, who knows about your sugar lifestyle.  Let them know the name of the restaurant or other location, the address, and time of the meeting.  You should share your POT Sugar Daddy’s name, profile picture, and any other pertinent information that could be used to identify him.  You should, also, check in when you arrive and throughout the date, so that your timeline can be established.  You can do this by letting him know up front that you will be doing so periodically, or you can be more discreet by checking in while in the restroom or both.  If there’s any change in the plans, no matter how innocent the changes might be, report these to your contact person, too.

Another good precaution for a new or experienced Sugar Baby to take involves transportation to and from the restaurant or meeting location.  For the first date, you should refuse any offers of transportation on his part.  It’s not a good idea to let someone you met online know where you live at the first meeting.  Also, it puts your destination or destinations in his hands.  Once you get into his car, he could take you anywhere, and not necessarily where you agreed to go.  By providing your own transportation, you retain your autonomy, reduce the options for changes to the plan, and can leave whenever you wish, whether the first date with your rich Sugar Daddy goes well or not.  If you are especially concerned with privacy or being traced via your license plate number and don’t wish to take your own, personal vehicle, you could choose to take an Uber or Lyft instead.  If you are concerned about your safety using a rideshare app, with a little time and effort of using one of the apps before hand, you can try to find a female driver and make arrangements with her to be your driver.  Some drivers who are willing to do this might require a convenience fee and two days advanced notice for a special request.  You should, also, never allow a POT SD to call a Lyft or Uber on your behalf.  While it might seem like a sweet, innocent gesture, and might be in truth, it could, also, be a subtle way to obtain your home address.  Requesting a ride for you would give him access to your destination.  Even if he calls the Uber/Lyft without setting a destination, eventually, you would have to give this information to the driver, and it would go on the Sugar Daddy’s record of drives, which he could access through the app.

If at any point in the date with a wealthy Sugar Daddy, you feel uncomfortable, awkward, or scared, you should leave immediately.  If he tries to prevent you from leaving, enlist the help of the waitstaff at the restaurant or anyone in the area, if you’re not at a restaurant.  If you drove yourself, ask for an escort to your vehicle or, if you arrived by other means, request someone to wait with you for another pick up, whether a friend or an Uber/Lyft.

Post Date Considerations

With luck, everything will have gone well on your first date, and you may decide that you have found the perfect rich Sugar Daddy to meet your needs.  However, a wise Sugar Baby will not let the first date go any further.  Partially, so that you don’t give him everything before securing a mutually beneficial arrangement and partially, for general safety.

As with the considerations of transportation, it’s not a good idea to allow a Sugar Daddy to go home with you or for you to go to his private residence.  However, if you are really so inclined, especially, if your new Sugar Daddy is visiting from out of town, it might be safe enough to go with him to a hotel, but only if it’s a high end hotel.  I would pass on visiting a simple Holiday Inn or Best Western, since these are not proper demonstrations of sufficient wealth in a Sugar Daddy.  However, if he’s staying in a five star hotel, these establishments usually have high standards and security and plenty of other people around that would hear you and be available should you need help.

It is not wrong for a healthy, young Sugar Baby to decide to have sex with a prospective Sugar Daddy, but most choose to wait until an allowance has been established.  Some Sugar Daddies may claim that they want to see how a Sugar Baby performs in the bedroom first, but these are most likely scammers or people not truly committed to a sugar relationship.  Whatever you might be getting out of the mutually beneficial arrangement, you should never be forced to offer more than you are willing to offer and this is especially true for sexual relations.  Sugar Babies are not escorts or prostitutes and should never be treated as such.

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