Sugar Baby Restaurant Etiquette

Maybe you are the type of lady who has been to upscale restaurants, frequently, and maybe you haven’t ever been closer than a wistful glance. Even if you have been to plenty of upscale places, a quick review of restaurant etiquette is worth looking at. After all, you want to be able to show your Sugar Daddy or potential Sugar Daddy that you are a classy woman worthy of his attention and time.

What to Wear

Just like any other date, sometimes it’s more difficult to figure out what to wear than anything else or at least it is for me – I’m the type of girl who can stand in front of a closet chock full of clothes and declare that I have nothing to wear! Even if jeans and a cute top are your usual uniform, it’s worth considering changing out what you are wearing for your Sugar Daddy, especially depending on where you are going. If you are heading to an upscale restaurant, jeans aren’t going to cut it – and you may not even be allowed to dine there dressed in casual or street wear.  Many upscale restaurants have dress codes, including no jeans, tennis shoes, rips, baseball caps, and it’s common that they require men to wear jackets.

If you are new to sugar dating, you should take a close, hard look at your wardrobe. What does your wardrobe say about you right now? Consider what you want your clothing to convey to your Sugar Daddy or potential Sugar Daddy. While we don’t want to say it’s all about the clothes, think of them as the wrapping paper on the gift (that would YOU). You want simple, classic wrapping that lets the receiver know they are getting a valuable, fantastic gift. Your look should let him know that you are a sweet Sugar Baby worth spoiling.

If you don’t have much money to invest in upgrading your wardrobe, you can check with some friends to see if you can borrow some cute dresses or even check out consignment boutiques (still one of my favorite secrets to finding clothes that look expensive for a steal!). Spend a little bit of time looking up where you are going to eat and let that help guide you towards deciding what you wear that night. A simple cocktail dress and cute heels are classic, and will be appropriate for most settings, especially for a four or five star restaurant. There is nothing worse than a classy dress worn with old beat up flip flops – save those for running errands or the beach! Now, if it is an upscale restaurant but not super fancy, you could probably get away with a cute blouse or sweater worn with dressy pants or a skirt. You definitely want to leave the following things in your closet: anything that shows your stomach, mini skirts, jeans, sweatshirts, sneakers, and graphic t-shirts.

Make Up

You want to, also, make sure that your hair and makeup are understated, and go along with your outfit. Save the smokey eye or heavy foundation for another time. I tend to find that most Sugar Daddies prefer a more natural appearance on their Sugar Babies. Think of more natural looking foundation, if you need it – otherwise stick to some concealer and a light dusting of powder, simple eye makeup, subtle liner, mascara, and lipstick. Avoid too much contouring, highlighting, or shimmer.  While a trashy look might not get you kicked out of a restaurant, the staff isn’t likely to treat you with real respect, and they can be disrespectful in many subtle ways.


Keep in mind accessories to go along with your outfit – that means one or two pieces of subtle jewelry and a small purse or clutch that matches your outfit. You only need to bring the bare minimum items with you. A young Sugar Baby shouldnever be without her phone, but it’s important to make sure that it is on silent or turned off during your date. You don’t want to be texting your friends, on Facebook, or Snap Chat-ing your meal. You need to let your date see what a sophisticated treasure you are, and stimulate his mind with conversation. Let him know that your full attention is on him and that he is your priority.

Table Manners

It’s probably obvious that the traditional dining rules that you learned before apply here: napkin on your lap, take small bites, don’t talk with your mouth open, and be polite to the wait staff. While it’s perfectly acceptable to drink on any date, be careful to not ever get drunk! Not only do inhibitions often go out the window, but you want to be in full control of yourself.  Plus getting sloppy drunk is bad form at a nice restaurant. Even if you are the type of Sugar Baby who feels she is in full control of yourself even when you are drunk, it’s important to remember that getting drunk on a date can be a major turn off to a Sugar Daddy or potential Sugar Daddy. Remember, you want to exude class and grace on your dates. If you are the type of lady who gets drunk on a date, your Sugar Daddy may think that you are not a lady worthy of a lavish lifestyle and that you do not take these type of relationships seriously. Save the heavy drinking for a night out with the girls, or nix it from your life altogether.


Now that I got the over-indulging rules out of the way, it’s important to say that you don’t need to try to eat like a bird. Feel free to order a meal that you truly want (whether it is steak or a salad). Try not to worry about avoiding the most expensive meal on the menu (if there are even prices on the menu) – remember he asked you on this date, so he is paying. If you are still worried, feel free to ask him what he thinks looks best on the menu or plans to order. Feel free to consider the dessert menu.

Leaving the Restaurant

If this is your first date together, feel free to give a heartfelt hug, but do not feel pressured to do anything else with a POT SD. You can even return a goodnight kiss, if he goes to kiss you. While many people may have sex on the first date, I highly discourage this with sugar dating. If it’s a first date, you want to get to know each other and let him know that you are a classy Sugar Baby who doesn’t just hook up with anyone. This also lets him know that there are much better things to come!

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