Sugar Babies: What To Look For And What To Avoid

In your pursuit of the ideal sugar baby, you will inevitably come across some women that will change your life for the better–and some that you will regret ever meeting. While we wouldn’t be so presumptuous as to tell you what type of sugar baby is which, we feel it is necessary to let you know some of the qualities and personality traits that make for great sugar babies, and those which make for less optimal candidates.

One thing you should realize is that taste and preferences are very personal things. Qualities that make a particular sugar baby appealing to one sugar daddy may make another hightailing it out the door. Rather than using this as a definitive guide as to what sugar babies to avoid and what to go for, it might therefore be more helpful to view this as a sort of checklist for red flags and favorable qualities that you should watch for when searching for sugar babies.

Easygoing personality

An easygoing personality isn’t only a pleasant thing to have in a sugar baby–it will also help ensure a more harmonious and possibly longer lasting relationship. Women that are light and breezy by nature are easy to get along with, fun to be around, and have a generally pleasing temperament that makes you look forward to each and every encounter. As a notable benefit, relationships with such women also tend to be drama-free, which is definitely a good thing for any sugar daddy.

You do have to make the distinction between an easygoing personality and an inability–or refusal–to take anything seriously. While you do want a sugar baby who doesn’t let anything faze her, you also want someone you can rely on who can discuss the more important aspects of your relationship in a mature and levelheaded manner.


Speaking of maturity, a certain degree is always welcome in a sugar dating relationship. It might seem odd to expect such a quality in a sugar baby, most of whom will likely be many years younger than you are. Nevertheless, a certain level of maturity will help bridge the age gap that likely exists between you two. At the very least, it will give you a much more reliable basis upon which to forge a mutually rewarding relationship.

It has to be said that sugar daddies should be expected to have a degree of maturity as well. Keep in mind that age doesn’t necessarily equate to maturity, and even sugar daddies many years older than their partners could very well be the immature one in the relationship. You don’t necessarily want to perform the role of father figure to your sugar baby, although you should ideally act in a manner befitting an adult.


One of the most important qualities to have in a sugar dating relationship is restraint. Unfortunately, it is also the one that is so often missing on the part of the sugar baby. Restraint prevents a sugar baby from asking for more and more, whether it is time, attention, or money.

With due amounts of restraint, the relationship can progress more smoothly, with equal consideration given to the needs and desires of each partner. Without it, both partners in the sugar dating relationship will be locked in a constant struggle to fulfill his or her needs with little consideration for the other.


Related to restraint is materialism. This is often the ugly manifestation of the lack of restraint, and it is unfortunately quite common in relationships wherein personal services are given in exchange for monetary or material compensation. In the case of sugar dating relationships, materialism is almost a given considering the nature of the arrangement. After all, sugar dating at its core specifically involves exchanging gifts and material perks along with services and companionship. There is therefore always a certain degree of materialism in any sugar dating relationship.

But there is such a thing as too much. When a sugar baby asks more than is agreed upon or more frequently than is acceptable to the sugar daddy, it may be a sign that she is more focused on the material objects she can get out of the arrangement. In such a scenario, the sugar daddy is clearly being taken advantage of, and he may be part of an arrangement that he never bargained for.

Manipulative behavior

Also related to materialism is manipulative behavior. Again this is fairly common in sugar dating relationships and sugar daddies can be just as guilty of this as sugar babies. A manipulative partner will always be focused on getting his or her way to the detriment of the other partner. This may be done consciously and with focused intent, or it may creep up unwittingly in the relationship.

In many instances, manipulative behavior occurs only after the relationship is well under way. In the early stages of the relationship, the future manipulator will rarely let his or her true nature reveal itself. After all, there is little to be gained from taking advantage of a partner early on. It is therefore important for anyone involved in a sugar dating relationship–whether a sugar daddy or a sugar baby–to be on the lookout for signs of manipulative behavior in order to prevent becoming mired in an untenable situation.


Perhaps one of the most distressing and potentially troublesome behaviors in a sugar dating relationship is secrecy. This type of behavior can be an indicator of other unfavorable qualities, from manipulation, abuse, and disloyalty.

Of course, everyone deserves a bit of privacy in any relationship. Not all instances of secrecy necessarily indicate unfaithfulness or deception. But when secretive behavior becomes the norm or when it becomes the primary aspect of the relationship, you have to ask yourself whether or not this is the type of situation you want to be in. Even given the temporal nature of the sugar dating relationship, you do deserve a partner that will give you the respect and honesty that you deserve, so don’t put up with someone that makes it a habit to keep secrets from you.

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