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For this afternoon, I am doing a review of This sugar dating site was a pleasure to use, and I give it a 4.5 star rating for ease of use, quality Sugar Daddy profiles, and free memberships for sugar babies.  Seeking Arrangements is a high quality dating site for finding a mutually beneficial arrangement for sweet Sugar Babies and rich Sugar Daddies.

With so many other sugar dating sites full of scammers or fake profiles, it is nice to find such an easy to use and safe website for finding a match.  While you can find exactly what you are looking for on, it has become quite saturated with Sugar Babies and it is quite difficult to stand out from the crowd. Signing up and Creating a Profile

Creating a Sugar Baby profile with the sugar dating site Seeking Arrangement was a bit fun.  Instead of filling in boxes or selecting from drop down menus, their system uses a series of buttons to push to select the appropriate choices, for most of the questions, anyway.  It starts with the standard questions on whether you’re a Sugar Baby or a Sugar Daddy and whether you’re looking for a man, a woman, or even both.  If your taste runs to Sugar Mamas or if you’re just curious, you can find that here, too.  Sometimes it’s not a bad idea to keep your options open.  

One option that pleasantly surprised me was when it asks upfront for a Sugar Baby to select the monthly allowance that you want to have, although you can choose not to say.  Of course, this is just a ballpark number, and a monthly allowance is something that a Sugar Baby should work out with her Sugar Daddy before committing to a relationship.  Several of the questions were detailed and out of the ordinary, but that I thought were good details to include.  

They ask what you’re relationship status is, if you have kids, how many, if you smoke and how much, if you drink and how much, language(s) spoken, and occupation, which has a fill in box instead of a limited list of preset options to select.  You cannot complete your Sugar Baby profile without verifying your email address, at which time you are able to create your password.  

Sugar Babies are able to browse without posting a photo of themselves, but available, single Sugar Daddies won’t be able to find your Sugar Baby profile without a public picture set up.  When selecting a picture to post, you’ll want to make sure it shows off your assets without being inappropriate.  

Subscription Plans

One of the best things about the sugar dating site, Seeking Arrangement, is that, while it has subscriptions for memberships they are not obnoxious about forcing you to upgrade to a premium account.  

The Premium Membership price is based on whether you choose to pay month-to-month for $19.95 a month, 3 months at $14.95 a month for an up-front fee of $44.85, or 6 months at $9.95 a month for $59.70 up front.  Obviously, the best deal for a young Sugar Baby is the 6 month membership, but the $19.95 a month price isn’t too bad of a fee if you want to check out the site before making a long term commitment.  Premium benefits include:

  • Advanced search filters
  • Gift wish lists
  • Read message receipts
  • Advanced privacy
  • Ad-Free experience
  • Feature your profile
  • Saved member notes
  • Inbox filters

In addition to these benefits for premium members, a discriminating Sugar Baby can choose to add on a private phone number from Hushed for a price scaled to your subscription choice ($4.99, $14.99, and $29.99).  The private phone number does have a limit to the number of messages and minutes available for use, though, so if you choose this option, you’ll need to make sure you take note of the limits and keep track of your monthly usage.  However, this is a great way to screen calls/texts from prospective rich Sugar Daddies, without providing your real personal contact information.  I’ve had creepy Sugar Daddies stalk me after I declined their offers and had to block them, so having a disposable cell number can come in handy.

Internal Search

There are quite a few options for filtering search results, although some are limited to use for premium memberships only.  One nice filtering option is the box to filter for Sugar Daddy profiles that have had a background check run on them.  However, filtering for Sugar Daddies who have gone through the background check process does reduce the number of Sugar Daddy search results significantly.  Other useful filters include selecting smoking or drinking preferences and education.  

For some young Sugar Babies, these sorts of preferences can be a deal breaker for a variety of reasons from health and safety to a general dislike, so knowing ahead of time whether a potential Sugar Daddy indulges in one of these vices can make your search much more efficient.

Once you’ve entered your criteria, there are quite a few eligible Sugar Daddies to choose from in the results.  While a basic membership cannot actually filter for a Sugar Daddies net worth or income, this information does come up in the search results whether you have a premium membership or not.

Conclusion of Review

If you’re a young, attractive Sugar Baby, you would be very happy becoming a Seeking Arrangement user or member for finding your perfect rich Sugar Daddy match.  For young ladies looking to date rich older men, Seeking Arrangement has lots of options for helping Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies find each other for a mutually beneficial arrangement.  With an option to include the monthly allowance you are seeking right on your profile and being able to filter for other preferences or dislikes, this helps both sweet Sugar Babies and hot Sugar Daddies cut to the chase and be upfront about what they want and expect in a relationship.  

On the negative side, Seeking Arrangement has become very popular and well-known, this means there are a lot of hot young girls competing for the perfect sugar daddy. There are daddies but I found it was time-consuming finding the right one.  Also, with it being so popular, I’d be a bit concerned about seeing someone I knew on there.  Seeking Arrangement is not your only option for exploring the sugar bowl, and I will continue to review sugar dating websites to help you avoid the bad sites and find the best sites to help you find the rich older man of your dreams.

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