Mistress or Sugar Baby?

Am I the mistress?  It’s a question on the mind of many new Sugar Babies.  Sugar dating isn’t supposed to be much different than normal dating, except that Sugar Babies know there’s the chance that they aren’t the only woman in the man’s life.  For some young Sugar Babies, being the only woman is a big deal, while for others exclusivity isn’t a big deal, especially, if they aren’t interested in being exclusive themselves.  If you’re wondering if your Sugar Daddy is married or seeing someone or someones else, either way you feel about it, there are often ways to tell if he’s married or has another woman that he’s seeing.

Pay Attention to the Details

  1. When does your Sugar Daddy call you? Does he have regular times that he calls and only calls at those times?  If it’s only late at night, during work hours, or when he’s in the middle of a commute, there’s a good chance that it’s because those are the only times it’s safe to call his Sugar Baby because he’s trying to hide it from someone.
  2. Does he have multiple phones? Many professionals have multiple phones and devices:  One for personal use and one for business.  However, it could be that your Sugar Daddy is using multiple devices to keep his personal life compartmentalized, too.  If he’s going to such lengths to hide things, it’s hard to say what else he’s hiding or why.
  3. Where do you and your Sugar Daddy usually meet up? If you know where he lives and/or works, and where you meet is nowhere near there, it might be that he’s trying to keep his sugar relationship with you discreet.  Going outside his usual neighborhoods could be a sign that he’s trying to minimize the possibility that you and your Sugar Baby runs into anyone he knows.  It could simply be that he’s a private person and doesn’t want to have his various social circles overlapping until he’s more comfortable.  On the other hand, he could be putting so much distance between them for a good reason.
  4. Is your Sugar Daddy using his real name or an alias? Usually, it’s a good idea not to share real names on the Internet for personal protection, whether you’re a potential Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy and whether or not you’re married or single.  People can be dangerous.  There are scammers, blackmailers, and all-around creepy stalkers out there that try to take advantage of both single Sugar Babies and any kind of Sugar Daddies.  On the other hand, if he’s unwilling to share any details or anything that you can use to verify who he is then there could be something that he is hiding.

Many of these small details and many others could indicate that he’s already married and looking for someone on the side, discreetly or otherwise.  There are many reasons why a man might want to have a discreet secondary relationship, especially with a young Sugar Baby.  He might need a society wife, who doesn’t make him happy at home.  Or maybe his home life has gotten too comfortable, and he’s looking for someone more exciting.  Or he has need of someone to travel with him or keep him company in various cities that he may visit.  So, it’s important that before stepping into the sugar bowl, you decide if being the other woman, the mistress, is something that you are willing to do or not.  Not all Sugar Babies are okay with being the secondary relationship or one of many.  And that’s okay.  On the other hand, it’s okay if it doesn’t bother you in the least.

Decide What Type of Sugar Relationship You Want

While for some young Sugar Babies, the idea of being a mistress is a problem for others it’s not a big deal.  However, some of that might, also, be dependent on specifically what kind of sugar relationship you want or find.  It is actually possible to have a platonic sugar relationship.  It might seem unlikely with all the stigma about sugaring being mostly about sex, but it isn’t out of the realm of possibility for a Sugar Daddy to be interested in just a pretty friend, someone that doesn’t put the stress on him that other, romantic relationships do.  Many Sugar Daddies are looking for an escape from that stress and just want someone that they can relax with.

If you are specifically looking for a single Sugar Daddy, you should put that out there clearly.  Put it on your profile and don’t be afraid to discuss it with POT SD.  However, you’re going to have to be extra careful about researching any prospective wealthy older men because some of them are pretty good and experienced at hiding their secrets.

Ethically, it’s a tough call to make, and there are many arguments for and against being a mistress.  Some will tell you it’s wrong and breaks up marriages, while others will tell you that it’s more than possible to be in love with multiple people at the same time.  Each Sugar Baby has to decide for herself what her ethical boundaries are and how far she’s willing to stretch them or if they are firm, hard lines.

If you should decide that you have those hard lines, you should probably have a plan for dealing with any married Sugar Daddies who pursue you or who you find out have been hiding a wife or girlfriend after you have entered into an arrangement.  If you should decide you need to avoid someone because of their relationship status, you may have to be firm about it.  Explain your reasons for not being interested in being in a sugar relationship with someone already in a relationship and remember to be firm about your stance.  Some Sugar Daddies may not be used to the rejection or can’t believe that a Sugar Baby might not be willing to compromise.  You should always make sure you put your needs and priorities first.

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