Men Among Men–Sugar Daddies Worth Emulating

As much as sugar babies get a bum rap from less-tolerant members of society, sugar daddies are often equally subject to unfair criticisms and judgments. In a subculture that is the target of numerous myths and misconceptions, sugar daddies are often seen as predatory and lecherous old men prowling for innocent young women to take advantage of.

Just as it is unfair to view all sugar babies as money-hungry vixens out to con gullible old men out of their money, it also isn’t accurate to lump all sugar daddies in with the predatory, sleazy crowd. In all our years of interviewing sugar daddies, we have gotten to know quite a few straight up, honorable men worthy of admiration. We therefore took it upon ourselves to put together this profile of some of the more respectable sugar daddies we have come across. With this article, we hope to show that not all sugar daddies are sleazebag losers preying on hapless young girls…far from it.


Darren is a 42-year-old investment banker who has been in three sugar dating relationships over the past five years. His first two relationships have been “pretty unremarkable”, as he describes them, although they taught him a lot about the intricacies of being part of a sugar dating relationship. With this current relationship, Darren found himself helplessly smitten with his partner, an attractive and intelligent 24-year-old named Savanna.

“Right from the start, Savannah made it clear that she was focused on achieving her goal of starting up her own fashion consultancy firm,” said Darren. “Fashion has always been her passion growing up, and her elder sister was actually a pretty high profile fashion designer.”

“In addition to paying her rent, I am also helping Savannah pay her way through business school,” Darren continued. “She does make some money of her own as a costume designer for independent films and cable TV productions, so she doesn’t rely entirely on me for her education. Nevertheless, I am happy to be supportive of her goal and I am glad to be with someone who doesn’t see being a sugar baby as the ‘be-all, end-all’ of her life plans.”


Serge is another sugar daddy that has taken a supportive role of his sugar baby’s endeavors. “Tina is totally focused on her career,” said Serge. “She has a small company that provides specialist supplies to veterinary clinics all across the state. It’s a bit of a challenge for her to compete with the bigger suppliers in the industry, but her tenacity and persistence has gotten her a few key contacts over the years. I actually helped her start up her firm with a few thousand dollars, but much of her company’s growth is due to her own efforts.”

Isn’t he worried that Tina’s success would eventually cause her to strike out on her own? “I have to admit that the possibility of Tina ending the relationship is always on the back of my mind,” said Serge. “But I knew from the beginning that she was being a sugar baby because she wanted to and not because she absolutely needed to. When we get to the point where she decides she no longer wants to be a sugar baby, I’m hoping that we could continue on being a couple regardless.”


Cameron isn’t quite the knight in shining armor that Darren and Serge could be said to be, but he does have more than sex and companionship in mind with Tamara, his current sugar baby. “I’m more than happy to play sugar daddy to Tamara and to give in to her every whim,” said Cameron. “But what I’m really interested in is having someone I could enjoy my passion for the great outdoors with.”

An avowed adrenaline junkie in his early 40s, Cameron has taken Tamara rock climbing, skiing, and even base jumping during the four years they’ve been together. “Tamara wasn’t exactly the outdoorsy type when we met,” said Cameron. “I had a hell of a time trying to convince her to even put on a pair of skis!” he laughs. “Over time however, she gradually overcame her fears, and she is now just as eager as I am for the next adventure. I simply can’t ask for a better partner…or a better sugar baby!”


Dennis is one of those rare sugar daddies for whom sex isn’t a requirement, much less a deal breaker. Having been widowed for seven years, he is more interested in having a mutually rewarding relationship based on companionship more than anything else.

“After my wife died of a lingering illness, I was pretty much devastated to say the least,” said Dennis. “Playing the field and trying to bed as many women as I could was the last thing on my mind. But I was incredibly lonely as well, and I craved the companionship and intimacy of a relationship.”

After going on a couple of dates, Dennis realized that he wasn’t ready for a romantic relationship either. “As much as I wanted to spend time with someone, I wasn’t that eager to get into the whole relationship cycle just yet,” he said. “Thankfully, Brenda understood perfectly well what I was going through, and she didn’t push the issue. While I’m not closing the door on having our relationship developing to a deeper level, I’m happy just to have someone to spend time with and Brenda feels the same way too.”

These are only a few of the sugar daddies we have interviewed over the years that have exhibited qualities that made them stand apart from their peers. We certainly don’t mean to suggest that all sugar daddies are equally laudable, and we would be the first to tell you that not all of them are saints. Nevertheless, we hope that the stories shared by these men will show that there are some good-natured sugar daddies out there worth emulating. For all the sugar babies out there reading this, we hope that this convinces you that there are still a few good men out there!

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