Five More Tips for Sugar Dating Success

We’ve previously discussed a few tips for finding and keeping the right Sugar Daddy for you, but diligent Sugar Babies know that there’s always more to learn and more that you can do to either keep your Sugar Daddy or recover from the loss of a SD/SB arrangement.  I’ve compiled 5 more tips to keep in mind as you navigate the sugar bowl.

  1. Be flexible, but don’t expect the same.
    Circumstances can change for either of you at a moment’s notice either through good fortune or calamity.  However, if you intend to have a LTA, the basic terms of your agreement should be held almost sacrosanct.  A major change in the agreement should be approached carefully.  In addition, while it is bad form for a Sugar Baby to make her Sugar Daddy wait for her or adjust his schedule to meet hers, exclusively, an understanding Sugar Baby will be prepared to wait or adjust to her rich Sugar Daddy’s schedule.  Most successful Sugar Daddies are very busy men with little real free time or flexible schedules that can change due to the needs of the business.  It might be inconvenient for you, but a Sugar Baby is meant to be convenient for him or else he’ll find someone more accommodating.  If too many changes are a deal breaker for you, then you should have already discussed this when you made your initial arrangement, in case flexibility is something that he requires.  Of course, if he’s violating the agreement in terms of failing to make payments or follow through on promises of gifts, travel, or whatever it might be that you both agreed upon, you should speak up about it, so that you aren’t being taken advantage of.  This should be a mutually beneficial arrangement for both of you, or it’s not really a SD/SB arrangement.
  1. Keep it secret; keep it safe
    It’s hard to tell if a Sugar Daddy is single or not, and it’s not your place to insist on knowing that information, whether he’s upfront about it or not, although, it’s a good idea to discreetly find out for your protection and so you can behave accordingly.  As a Sugar Baby, it’s best and safest, that unless he encourages being seen in public and on social media, that you should be discreet about your SD/SB relationship.  He is relying on you not to betray that trust for whatever reason that it might be necessary.  You don’t get to make the decision on how public your relationship is, so follow his lead, and if you’re unsure, simply err on the side of caution and be silent.

  1. Think beyond the money.
    Sure, many attractive, young Sugar Babies are in it for the money; for the financial security of being cared for by a rich Sugar Daddy, but many consider their Sugar Daddy to be a mentor into a career field they have an interest in pursuing or a related interest.  An experienced businessman can have contacts in many industries that might be useful in advancing the interests of the Sugar Baby, as well, and a joint business venture might be lucrative for the Sugar Daddy, too.  Unless a Sugar Daddy has outlined that he doesn’t want more than a convenient companion or bit of eye candy, you can consider him to be more than just a protector, but a friend, teacher, and guide, as well.  He may be able to tell you which college classes are more important on a resume or are going to be of more practical use after you receive your degree.  He might, also, be able to arrange internships or apprenticeships that are outside of what your university or college is able to offer, but that might still provide you with college credit and/or provide more experience for your resume.
  1. Be realistic in your expectations.
    Not just from the beginning, but for the duration of the relationship.  If you know for a fact that your rich Sugar Daddy is married and that you have committed to being the secondary relationship, do not expect that to change.  We’ve all heard the cliché about a rich man leading on a naive, single, young woman with promises that he’s going to leave his wife, which never come to fruition.  If a wealthy Sugar Daddy wanted or could leave a particular relationship, he would have done so or would do so without you asking or demanding it.  If you’ve fallen in love with your Sugar Daddy, and can no longer be satisfied with your existing agreement, it may be time to move on before you drive him away by expecting something that he isn’t prepared to give.  Think sensibly and don’t do anything rash like telling the wife about the arrangement.  She may or may not know or care, but he will not appreciate such a move on your part and is not likely to forgive such an immature action.
  1. Be prepared for the worst.
    No matter how well a SD/SB relationship might seem to be going, it could end at any time for any number of reasons, such as his circumstances or needs changing, discovery, whim, or (God-forbid) death, especially in the case of a significantly older Sugar Daddy.  You should always have a safety net in place for yourself, just in case.  If you’re in school, stay in school, complete your degree, and pursue a career.  If you’re already in a career, continue working, even if only part time.  Any extra money that you can save, do so, or find lucrative investments for your money, perhaps ask your Sugar Daddy for advice on building yourself a portfolio.  Whatever you do, never put yourself in the position of being 100% reliant on someone else without a formal commitment like marriage, and even then, that’s never a guarantee these days, either.

By being smart, prudent, and sensible, you can easily maintain a mutually beneficial arrangement long term.  Or if you’re more inclined, move from one STA to another.  Keep checking the blog for more tips, advice, and information to help you explore the sugar bowl safely and successfully.

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