– Beautiful Women & Successful Men – Beautiful Women & Successful Men is on the list of the most popular sugar dating sites.  Sugar Daddies who register on this website are typically rich and established gentlemen, as the site name suggests. They are all looking to spend quality and memorable time with beautiful young Sugar Baby, whether it’s going to be something more serious or is just for a wild weekend getaway. Being a well-known dating site for Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies, Established Men has a wide membership list and free membership for Sugar Babies so I decided it may be worth a look.  While my experience on the site was alright, as it has many good features, it should be mentioned that Established Men is owned by Avid Life Media, who, also, own the infamous Ashley Madison site, which spent some time in the spotlight for having been hacked and private information was leaked to the public.  I, also, had some issues with the search results prompting me to give this a midline review of 3.5 Stars.

On the dating site there are more Sugar Baby active profiles than Sugar Daddy profiles. In fact, there are as many as four sugar baby profiles for each sugar daddy profile. This makes the situation advantageous for generous gentlemen looking for a young and attractive date on the site, but can make it more difficult for a young Sugar Baby to find her match. Signing up and Creating a Profile

Signing up on the Established Men site is an incredibly easy process, mostly done by filling out one information sheet with your basic information and physical features. In order to increase your chances, you need to compose an attention-grabbing headline, an interesting about me paragraph, upload some great photos of yourself, and if you want a featured profile, pay $0.99 a day.  And of course, you’ll need to respond to the verification email to get started.  But once you’re setup, which only takes about 30 seconds, you can immediately start searching for an older, rich man for a mutually beneficial relationship.

Subscription Prices and Membership Features

As I previously mentioned, Sugar Babies benefit from a free membership on Established Men, outside of the $0.99 a day charge if you want your profile to be featured at the top of searches. Sugar Daddies can try out a basic free membership, however, for them this only allows sending up to three messages. The premium membership packages for Sugar Daddies come in three options based on credits:

• 100 credits at $79 for 1 month
• 300 credits at $49 per month for 3 months
• 3000 credits at $25 per month for 12 months

Premium membership with any of these three plans features unlimited messaging. Upgrading to a premium membership plan will also highlight a Sugar Daddy profile in search results, so you can tell who’s who. Another premium membership feature is the fact that wealthy Sugar Daddies can use credits to send virtual “gifts” to sweet Sugar Babies that catch their eye so they can express a special interest. Some other ways of interacting are also featured on Established Men. For instance, either a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby can express an interest in one another by sending a “flirt”, by sending voice messages, or you can have a live chat with members who are online. During the profile set up, you can choose to set up an auto response to send to unread flirts, so that you don’t have to check each one.  There are two premade options or you can compose your own.  The idea is for the Sugar Baby to encourage her rich admirer to send her an actual email message, so she can get a better idea of his personality.

Search Results

Like other dating sites, the Established Men website allows you to use search filters in order to find your match. What sets Established Men apart is the ability to search for Sugar Daddies who are ready for dates tonight, which I’ve only seen on one other sugar dating site. In addition to your profile photos that are public, there is also the option to include a private photo gallery. If you want to protect your privacy or if you’re off the market but want to keep your options open, you also can hide your profile from search results for as long as you’d like.   

The site contains many profiles of supposed millionaires, but I found as I scrolled through the initial results that the clear majority of the profiles looked familiar from another site I reviewed, the same one with the filter for finding someone available for a date tonight.  While I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few of the same faces on multiple sugar dating websites, the amount of exact same profiles made me wonder about their authenticity.  Perhaps they just share these profiles to an entire network of sites hoping to trick people into paying for multiple sites, when it’s really only one main database.

Most of the members of this sugar dating site are good looking, though. Some of the Sugar Daddies registered on the site are even listing their disposable income in their profiles and many of them seem to be really rich, though, there are few who clearly don’t have the same ideas of what a wealthy income range looks like. Established Men Sugar Daddy members are looking for the perfect Sugar Baby, but there are other dating options available, too. They seem to be interested in a wide range of relationships, from dating and short-term friendships to long term relationships. Supposedly, the site goes through constant staff monitoring in order to ensure that the member profiles are real, but with all of the duplicate profiles I saw, I wonder how true this is.

Conclusion of Review

Established Men is a dating site that attracts many beautiful Sugar Babies, since it is free for us to join. Sugar Babies on this site outnumber Sugar Daddies by 4 to 1. Established Men offers solid privacy options, including the possibility to hide your profile from search results and private photo galleries.  However, the replica profiles and connection to Ashely Madison raise a few red flags about how private the site really is and how real. For its features, especially it’s free services for Sugar Babies, and the great number of Sugar Daddies featured, I give this site a 3.5 Star rating.  It’s an okay site, but I think we can find better sugar bowl dating sites.  Check back soon to see what else I’ve found.

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