Dealing with Rejection as a Sugar Baby

For a pretty Sugar Baby it is can somehow be difficult to deal with online sugar dating. For me, it is even more difficult to be the one who is taking initiative with communication on a sugar dating site and starting messaging when I am already the recipient of too much attention from men. But as a Sugar Baby, I am the one who is looking to find a potential Sugar Daddy. However, I’m more likely to become successful in online sugar dating if I become the hunter. As you can see, for us, Sugar Babies, feminism, also, means equalism!

Being the hunter is all fine, with one exception. A Sugar Baby, also, will have to deal with the feeling of rejection sometimes. Probably men outside of this lifestyle know better about this feeling of rejection. For a girl, being the hunter is more like uncharted territory, so it is important that I catch up with this skill. However, I may not get enough contacts even if getting many profile views from POT Sugar Daddies. Many of the messages I send on a sugar dating website may go unopened and unanswered. Or many men are ghosting just after a Meet & Greet or there are not enough men checking my profile. There are many kinds of this perceived rejection I have to deal with on a regular basis as I may not get what I was expecting. And, of course, this is so frustrating!

How do I deal with this? Well, it’s pretty simple. This situation reminds me that, in fact, sugar dating does not differ from every other relationship. When it comes to relationships, it isn’t all pink roses and butterflies. Things are not the way we would like them to be, like with anything in life. Rejection plays its role in various situations and life is not fair. If we put things in perspective, we should not focus on the feeling of rejection during our search for a potential Sugar Daddy. We should focus instead on the positive pursuit and the coping mechanism to rebound. In order to help you dealing with rejection as a Sugar Baby, here are some points:

Put your eggs in various baskets

It’s vital to not to put all of your dreams, wishes and efforts into one pot. This is especially even more important in case that you have not even met in person, yet. Do not expect much from the first Meet & Greet. It is preferable to be pleasantly surprised than disappointed when the fantasies created beforehand are breaking down. Many times, when you meet in real life your fantasies are not fulfilled. And if you have been rejected by one Sugar Daddy take it easy. When you have prepared for this and lined up more dates, just one rejection is absolutely fine.

Don’t take it personal

It’s seldom personal when it comes to dating rejections. It’s better to see the positive part. A rejection means just a way to avoid someone who sees you as a mismatch. If you think back, you will discover that, in fact, you had also reservations about him. Maybe the real chemistry was missing there, or his lifestyle didn’t really suit yours. Maybe your personality traits do not fit together or the time availability and geographic distance was not convenient for both of you. For sure, if you reflect upon it, there was something that didn’t align well. Did you want to be with him because you needed him or you really wanted to be around him?

Time heals

It’s more likely that you cannot even tell what you were doing one year ago? All things will pass and probably you have already forgotten. The pain will go away when you will, also, forget about the feeling of rejection. If you need it, allow yourself to cry, but put a clear limit on when you stop indulging in self pity. You have to move on.

Do not give up

Giving up after one rejection from a potential Sugar Daddy is a decision you will certainly regret. Giving up makes you feel too scared to try again. This means you will never become a Sugar Baby. Do you really want this? Better that you do not allow your fear of rejection to take over. Take rejection from a Sugar Daddy as just a learning curve to improve and do better with the next one. Just think about it: Life would be too predictable and boring if you always get things your way.  Getting things too easily makes one less appreciative of them.  Once you put in the extra work to find your perfect wealthy older gentleman, you’ll be thankful you didn’t give up and that you didn’t waste your name with lesser prospects.

Do not blame yourself

You might start taking the pain inwards and question yourself as a normal reaction to rejection. But doing so will only lower your confidence and self-esteem level. Rejection can even push you into depression.  If you think on it, there are probably lots of nice boys and great guys that you never developed any romantic feels towards.  It doesn’t mean there was anything wrong with them, just that you had no chemistry together.  Therefore, there’s nothing wrong with you, either.  You just haven’t found the right one, yet.  If you feel like you can’t bring yourself out of feeling badly or sinking into a depressive state, reach out to a crisis line or other counseling service to help you stay positive and keep your spirits up.

Focus on those people who care

Instead of thinking about the one or even many who were not romantically interested in you, you can focus on your family and friends. They can provide you with a sense of belonging. Spend more time with people who accept you and who care, when you get rejected in the sugar world. Of course, in case your attempt at the sugar world is a secret, people close to you don’t necessarily need to know the reason why you are feeling down or the details.  But maintaining relationships with people that are already important to you is a good way to keep your eye on the prize that you want.

Improve yourself

While you shouldn’t blame yourself or think of it as that there’s something wrong with you, everyone has room for some self-improvement.  You can improve yourself while you mourn rejection in solitude. Take a free online course, read, write, start a new healthy diet, increase exercise or start a new program like yoga or zumba, take new pictures of yourself and, in general, do constructive things that you can, also, use to improve your chances as a Sugar Baby.

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