Creating the Best Sugar Baby Profile

Your profile is your first point of contact, and first impressions are everything on an online dating site and even more so with an online sugar dating website.  This is your chance to set yourself apart from the other young and beautiful Sugar Babies out there.  Of course, there’s a fine line between setting yourself apart, above and beyond the average Sugar Baby, and crossing the line into sharing too much or coming across as weird or worse: desperate.

Short and Sweet

Designing the perfect Sugar Baby profile should be fun and exciting as it’s the first step towards your new life.  Most men, busy or not, aren’t really interested in reading a book about you on your profile, so your points should be short but meaningful.  Make every word count.  Your profile should show your personality and give them an idea of who you really are besides just another pretty face.  One way you can do this is by making your descriptions sound more conversational and less like a recitation or speech.  Incorporate “you” statements into the “what are you looking for sections,” like You’re sophisticated and cultured and spend your time enjoying the arts and the finer things in life.  You can even propose questions for a POT SD to answer as a conversation starter with you like, How do you feel about climate change?  Or What’s your favorite opera?  Consider subjects that you can already converse on intelligently.

Your word choices and style of writing will say as much about you as what the words actually describe.  As most young Sugar Babies are college students, it’s best that you pay careful attention to grammar and spelling, as you don’t want to come across as illiterate, uneducated, or careless.  Most word processors like Microsoft Word, Open Office, or Google Docs have a built in grammar and spell checker, so it’s a good idea to use one of these to draft your profile descriptions before posting them to the profile page.  You can, also, run the words through a secondary checker like Grammarly, just to be sure.

Sugar Baby Marketing

Remember that what you’re doing is asking a rich older man to invest in you, much like investing in a business.  You should tackle sugar dating much like a marketing campaign.  This means you should research the type of Sugar Daddy you want so that you know your target audience.  You should consider what your competition does and research them, too.  Finally, you should consider your true worth and what you have to offer.  As the competition is often young women with few concrete ideas of who they are or what they really want, by doing some serious thinking and knowing the answers to these questions, you’ll show yourself to be more mature and stable and less immature and flighty than many other young Sugar Babies.

Expressing the Real You

Once you’ve decided what type of rich Sugar Daddy you want and have determined what kind of Sugar Baby he wants or needs and have decided you can offer to be that perfect Sugar Baby, it’s time to figure out the perfect ways to show off these points.

Remember that the You that you present on your perfect Sugar Baby profile is the You that he expects to interact with when making contact.  If you are not looking for a sexual relationship, then you should probably avoid too many naughty photos, and you should not use a lot of sexual innuendo, jokes, or references.  On the other hand, if you are interested in a highly sexual relationship and it’s something you want to show is available, you should incorporate these things into your responses.  Consider what you want and explain your interests and desires freely, whether it’s to be pampered and spoiled or educated and provided cultural exposure.

Things to Avoid

Aside from important things to put into your profile, there are important things not to put in your profile, either.  One of the fastest ways to make yourself a target for scammers is to let people know right away that you’re a newbie or that you aren’t sure about sugar dating.  Avoid phrases similar to, “I’m new here” or “Just trying this out.”

Don’t make lists of things you want.  Maybe you want an allowance, a car, and a trip.  Instead of saying, “I’m looking for a generous, rich Daddy to give me $3000 a month, a BMW convertible, and a trip to Paris,” try, “If you’re my perfect Daddy, you’ll be generous, love cars, and enjoy travel.”  The men on these sites know that they are going to be opening their wallets, they don’t need you to remind them.  Especially with all the hype surrounding the idea of entitled millenials, that last thing you want is to look like you think you have an entitlement issues.

You should, also, avoid making lists of things that you don’t want.  Perhaps you’d like to avoid anyone overweight, old, exclusive, or dominant.  You should avoid outright stating, “Fat, old, jealous, and controlling men need not apply.”  Instead consider phrasing your wishes more positively, “You’re athletic and energetic looking for an open arrangement with a personal connection.”

While your profile should be describing you and your interests, it should real less like a laundry list of Me, Me, Me stuff.  Consider thinking and writing in terms of we.  “I enjoy culinary arts, and we can enjoy quiet evenings at home with farm to table meals made with love.”  Or, “I love dancing, and we can wow the social world with our amazing moves and connection on the dance floor.”

Research is your best friend before and after creating a great Sugar Baby profile.  Check competitor profiles often, so that you can compare and contrast your own profile for what seems to be working and doesn’t.  If another’s profile makes you cringe, make sure that your own doesn’t contain anything similar.  And if you’re wow’d by another’s profile, consider what it is that impresses you about this amazing Sugar Baby’s profile and use it as inspiration for creating your own unique Sugar Baby profile.

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