About Sugar Daddy Fan

In this modern age, more and more young women are turning to online dating sites to meet hot, single men.  Most busy college age women don’t have the time to waste going to bars or other social events to find someone suitable, especially for more discriminating single young women.  I know I don’t.  What’s more, I need someone who understands my needs and can be a benefit to my lifestyle, not a hindrance.  I’m, particularly, interested in dating rich men!  Most typical dating sites, like Tinder or OkCupid are just too general to meet my needs, since they allow all types to use their services.  That’s fine for an average woman, but I’m not an average woman.  I don’t want an average guy, either.  I’m a Sugar Daddy Fan.  That’s where the “sugar bowl” or “sugar dating” comes in handy.  

Sugar dating refers to a mutually beneficial arrangement between usually a rich, older man (also known as a Sugar Daddy) and a young, attractive woman (also known as a Sugar Baby) that is simple, straightforward, and without any of the guessing games that can go on with traditional dating.  As soon as I learned about the opportunities and benefits for an ambitious, attractive, young woman, like myself, as a Sugar Baby, I was like where do I sign up??  But as I began to consider various sugar bowl dating websites for finding rich, single men, I discovered a small hitch in my plans.  You see, not all so called sugar dating sites for sugar babies are worth the time.  I’ve decided to help my fellow aspiring Sugar Babies looking to date a millionaire by helping you weed out the bad sites from the good, so you don’t waste any of your valuable time, like I’ve had to do.  Here on www.sugardaddyfan.com you’ll find my sugar dating reviews, tips, and other information as I look at various popular sites to see if they are really worth it or not!  I will rate each site on a 5 Star rating system with 5 stars being amazing and totally worth it and 1 star being an abysmal fail.  I hope this helps you on your journey to finding the perfect Sugar Daddy and becoming a Sugar Daddy Fan!