September 2017 - Top Sugar Daddy Website Reviews

Tips for New Arrangements

Tips for New ArrangementsWhether it’s your first time, second time, or however many, starting a new relationship is always exciting, giving you those warm gooey feelings, but it can make you feel really nervous, too.  So, after asking many Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies for their thoughts, I’ve come up with a few tips for how to get... Read More »

Mistress or Sugar Baby?

Mistress or Sugar Baby?Am I the mistress?  It’s a question on the mind of many new Sugar Babies.  Sugar dating isn’t supposed to be much different than normal dating, except that Sugar Babies know there’s the chance that they aren’t the only woman in the man’s life.  For some young Sugar Babies, being the only woman is a... Read More »

How to Effectively Say No

How to Effectively Say NoLearning how to confidently be assertive is a skill that not every Sugar Baby has, but it is something that any good Sugar Baby can learn to develop. You can even find it to be useful in other aspects of your life besides sugar dating, too. Being able to say “no” and stand up for... Read More »

The Art of Negotiation

The Art of NegotiationOne of the more difficult things for Sugar Babies is deciding on how much money their time is worth. Let’s be clear – everyone’s time is worth something, whether you are working an hourly job or being given an allowance so that you can take care of yourself while being there for your Sugar Daddy.... Read More »

Responding to Sugar Haters

Responding to Sugar HatersYou may have heard someone say, “haters gonna hate.” However, is it so easy to respond with that when someone criticizes the sugar lifestyle you have come to enjoy? Some people come at the sugar lifestyle, and people involved in it, without realizing they are hurting anyone. Sometimes it may be someone who has the... Read More »

Sugar Baby Restaurant Etiquette

Sugar Baby Restaurant EtiquetteMaybe you are the type of lady who has been to upscale restaurants, frequently, and maybe you haven’t ever been closer than a wistful glance. Even if you have been to plenty of upscale places, a quick review of restaurant etiquette is worth looking at. After all, you want to be able to show your... Read More »

Communicating What You Need

Communicating What You NeedOne of the most frequently asked Sugar Baby questions is:  How do you know what to ask for? While most Sugar Babies receive an allowance, one of the more common questions I hear from new and prospective Sugar Babies has to do with how to decide on how much to ask for. First and foremost,... Read More »

10 Sugar Dating Conversation Starters

10 Sugar Dating Conversation StartersAll new Sugar Babies are pondering the question of how to start a conversation with a new Sugar Daddy. Sometimes more than finding a traditional boyfriend, securing a Sugar Daddy takes effort and time. Starting a conversation on the site or in real life can be difficult. The pressure is high when you know that... Read More »

How to Avoid Making the Wrong Type of Arrangement

How to Avoid Making the Wrong Type of ArrangementWe all tend to be a people pleaser when we are first starting out in the sugar dating world. We want these potential Sugar Daddies to like us enough to find some chemistry, take us out on dates, and achieve some financial help in the process. We want to form a solid mutually beneficial arrangement... Read More »

How to Stand Out as a Sugar Baby

How to Stand Out as a Sugar BabyEverything in life comes with pros and cons. The same goes, of course, for sharing your Sugar Daddy among other Sugar Babies. Being one of many seems, at the first sight, as a less than ideal situation. But, in a way, you can see a positive side to this situation, because the focus isn’t all... Read More »